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Tony Moly Tea Tree Cleansing Cream Review

I bought this cleansing cream when I was in Korea for the simple reason that it was cheap. It was sold for 2900 won which is about 2,90$ .
I only started using this after I came back to Germany, so here's a small review.

"The brilliant cleansing care system brings
 strong vital power of fresh 3 seeds with dewy water"

The tube contains 150ml of cleansing cream, but if you use it every morning and evening it will be used up quickly. I've been using it continuesly for about 2 weeks and it's already a little difficult to squeeze the cream out.

[Edit: I have been using it for 2 1/2 months now and there's still cream in it, so actually it does last for a long time~ ^^]

After using it a few times only

After 2 weeks
"[Directions] Apply an appropriate amount to the entire face, and gently massage to wash away impurities from the skin. Wipe off with a tissue or rinse off with lukewarm water."

I use about 3-4 times of this amount whenever i use the cleansing cream to clean my whole face. The cream looks almost white, or like a really bright lime green. It has a very fresh smell, not sweet at all. I'm not sure whether it smells like tea tree seeds or not, but it definitely does remind me of trees and nature ^^

After massaging the cream into the face for a short moment, there will be almost no rest of the cream visibly. Even after washing the cream off, my skin will still feel normal which is a great plus for me. My skin's very sensitive, so even when I'm using products described as "mild" or "great for sensitive skin" my skin still gets irritated.

After washing the cleansing cream off, my face usually feels very refreshed and clean, but I still prefer cleansing foams as my face feels even cleaner after using those. It's still a great product though, especially for that price.

I don't wear make-up that often, but for those of you who do I did a small test on how well this cleansing cream removes make-up:

Tested: Make-up base, eyeliner, eyeshadow

The cleansing cream turns into a greyish colour

After washing the cleansing cream off
As you can see, it does remove most of the make-up but the eyeliner is still visible. I think if you're not wearing heavy make-up, only using this cleansing cream will work. I would still recommend using a real make-up remover before using the cleansing cream.


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