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Nature Republic Botanical Lip & Cheek Colour (#03 Sugar Orange) Review

Price: 5,15$ on Koreadepart 
Amount: 6g

Description on Koreadepart:

           " -Aroma component that relaxes skin
-Excellent moisture ingredients moisturizes lips and skin.
 -Soft and no sticky
 -Sweet flower scent.
 -Mild herb ingredients
-Can be used for lips and cheek."

Adorable packaging, in my opinion :D

Description in English, but the ingredients written on the back of it are all in Korean
Printed with soy ink on eco-friendly paper :D
And sorry for the way the packaging looks. I carried this in my luggage and used it a few times already before taking photos, so I always put the glass container back into it etc.

the glass container is recycable as well :D

I picked colour No.3, Sugar Orange....well okay I didn't exactly pick this colour out of all colours available.
I saw this in a Nature Republic store in Insadong, thought the colour shown through the see-through part of the packaging looked nice and bought it. Actually I don't think I even noticed there were other colours ^^''

Shopping in Korea: You spend money just like that 

"syuga oraenji"= Sugar Orange :D 

I really, really like this colour, because it doesn't exactly look like 'orange' on my lips. I never used any orange colour on my face, and I never planned to because I just couldn't imagine how an orange colour could look good on me.

Swatched on the back of my hand:

with flash:

On my lips:

Bare lips 

with Nature Republic's Botanical Lip& Cheek colour
As you can see, it's not very pigmented, but that's what I like about it.
It does look very natural, especially from a bigger distance. The colour is just a warm, subtle tone of orange and makes my face look much healthier than the cold, light pinkish tone that my lips normally have. 
It also slightly evens out the discolourations on my lips and makes them appear less thin ^-^

Zoomed in on the tip of my finger. Sorry about the bad quality ^^''
I would say the texture is almost~ creamy and you easily get the colour out of the glass container. Just be careful to not to apply too much pressure or you'll get out way too much of it. It's really easy to spread on your lips, so no need to use much. 

Let's just go through it's promises in the description first:
"Aroma component that relaxes skin": ...I don't know how it's supposed to relax my skin but okay, maybe that's right?
"Excellent moisture ingredients moisturizes lips and skin.":  Not true at all. I had to apply lipbalm after half an hour or so because my lips felt dry.
 "Soft and no sticky": True, it really does not feel sticky
 "Sweet flower scent": I didn't really smell anything, but maybe that's just me ^^'
 "Mild herb ingredients" Since the ingredients are only in Korean, no idea if that one's right.
"Can be used for lips and cheek" True. I'm a complete newbie at applying blush though, so I didn't swatch that ^^ 

3/5 Stars        
It is a nice colour, but it dries out my lips way too fast and to be honest, I prefer a tinted lipbalm over this one.


  1. Oh wie cool! Die Lip&Cheek Color habe ich mir vor 2 Tagen auch angesehen, habe mich dann aber für zwei andere Blushes von Nature Republic entschieden :) Ich mach die pudrigen einfach mehr als dieses cremige Zeug.

    liebe Grüße und einen schönen Abend!

    1. Da kann ich nicht wirklich viel dazu sagen, Ich kenne mich mit Blushes so gar nicht aus ^-^

      Danke, und gleichfalls ^^

  2. I like the color. It's so subtle but nicely orange.
    And the packaging is so asdlfkja' adorable. I know what you mean about lipbalms fading away too fast. I also love using tints :D

    1. right? :D I love products that have a nice packaging ^-^
      the only tint I own is tony moly's cats wink tint, but this's more of a love-hate-relationship to me. I can't stand having dry lips so i always prefer tinted lipbalms or just anything that gives off a little~ colour but still moisturizes my lips ^^

    2. I also own the tony moly cats wink tint! I love that product. I use it every single day xD Which color are you using :D?
      But I know what you mean. It's also really nice to have an all-in-one lip color and moisturizer

    3. really? :D i only use it when i'm going out for the whole day and need something that lasts long ^^ it dries out my lips way too fast so i don't use it that often. mine is in the colour red, and it's really~ red so it's not really useful for a more natural look ^^

    4. I see :/
      I also dislike how it's drying. Sometimes it emphasizes these random flakes on my lips and it looks like little squares. It's pretty awkward. But I hate reapplyling my lip color, so that's why I use it so much.
      I have the orange, and I think it gives a really natural look :D The red does look really really intense though

  3. I have no.2 and I have to agree with you that it dries out quickly but it looks really nice as a blush!! Lovely review!


Thanks for commenting ^-^