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Korea Haul

Actually, I came back from Korea several months ago, but~
I'm going there again in about 3 months, and this time I need to take better care of my expenses.
Last time I spent all my money, but I barely remember how much I spent on clothes, how much on food etc.
So I thought I'd just collect all the things I bought there for an overview for myself. If I know how much I spent on clothes, cosmetics, etc, I can easily figure out how much of my money was spent on food, and how much I need to take with me this time.

And since I already had everything ready, why not take pictures and upload them? ^^
So there you go~

That's most of the stuff I bought there, but I'm sure I forgot at leat 2-3 things

Shirt from a store in Dongdaemun
Can't remember the price, but definitely less than 10.000Won
I thought this would be something I would wear in autumn/winter, but the material is so thin that it's more of a summer shirt.

Look at the details~ x3

sorry for the blurry photo, it looked clear on the camera screen and
 right now the hoodie is in the laundry machine TT

Panda Hoodie, also from a store in Dongdaemun
It's a little short on me, but I still love it :D 

T-Shirt from the same store as the panda hoodie
This design is seriously just awesome
Placing the zipper in that position is such a great idea, it looks like many little, sharp teeth :D

Another T-shirt from that awesome store in Dongdaemun
10.000Won as well
And can we just talk about how much I love the fact that every single one of those has a small bag in the front? It's so useful :D

Neon Shirt + Harlem pants Combi, from a store in Hongdae
54.000 Won for both (original price was 60.000 but the seller was really nice so..yay :D)
It looks weird on this picture, but the top is really comfy and the pants look better when you roll them up and wear them so they end just below your knee ^^

Harlem pants from that store in Hongade as well
They're so comfy~ and look cute. But they're kind of thick, so not really good for summer.

Hoodie from Artbox in Hongdae
10.000 Won, because it was on sale :D

small bunnies inside the hood

pens from Artbox
1.000Won each


Pencil case for 4.000Won from Artbox

Headband from Lotte World
between 4.000-6.000 Won...i guess?

Headband with spikes from a random store in Insadong

Some of them already fell of though T^T

More random stuff from that store:
Earrings for 1.000 Won :D

And an Ice-cream cellphone Charm
1.000Won as well~

Cute watches from some store at the Jamsil Metro station
4.000Won each

Stuff I got at the BBC World Camp
they were included in the camp price but I wanted to take a picture of them as well so whatever :D

And, CD's of course. Bought in 2 different stores in Myeongdong.
Can't remember the prices, but definitely more than 50.000 Won for all of them

And free posters, yay~

Zhou Mi notebook from SMent's Everysing.
about 6.000Won, maybe?

Pig Rabbit cellphone charm~
It's so huge~ and fluffy x3

And cosmetics~
All from either Tony Moly or Nature Republic ^^
can't remember all the prices but probably over 40.000Won for everything?

So all in all I spent....
I really need to stop buying things on impulse ^^''
But it probably won't be any different when I'm in Korea again, so we'll see.
Wish me good luck xD


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  2. ASDFDSJKFNJSKFGUADT!!!(~*O*)~ I'm literally crying!!!!(;O;) This is super beautiful!!!♥♥♥ I want everything you've bought, why you do this to me?D,,,: All the clothes are so freaking beautiful, why the clothes in my country can't be like this?!?!(TTToTTT)
    I hope you do well on your next trip, enjoy it very much!(^^)b I envy you so much right now D; heheh ^^UU

    1. i'm thinking that too every time I return to Germany, just why are all the clothes here so boring~ T^T
      and thank you ^^ i'll definitely enjoy it and keep you all updated :D

  3. das dino shirt ist richtig klasse ;___; warum findet man nie sowas in den läden hier ..

    1. das frag ich mich auch immer wieder T^T

  4. I love everything you bought! I wish I can go to Seoul soon too. XD Last week I received a tony moly peach hand cream last from bntnews! i love the smell and it's so moisturizing. Actually I made a post about it a while ago. XD

    and omg all those kpop albums *o*

    i followed you on GFC and Bloglovin. :D
    enjoy your trip to korea! (pls bring me with you lol)


    1. good luck~ ^^
      the smell is super nice, right? :D it just smells so yummy x3

      thanks for the comment ^-^

  5. You bought the cutest things! I bought the same exact spike headband last summer in Korea. I went a little crazy at dongdaemoon too! Your post makes me look forward to going to South Korea this summer~

    1. those spiky headbands were such a trend last summer, right? :D saw them in every store~
      dongdaemun makes everyone go crazy, it's so cheap and there's such an awesome variety of clothes x3
      thanks for the comment ^^


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