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Hey guys

As you might, or might not know (if you didn't read the "About" part on the right side of this blog :P ) I'm going to Asia~ :D
To Shanghai for 4 weeks and to Seoul for 17 days after that, to be exact ^-^ And~..I'm flying on 27th April.
Which is this Saturday xD 

So, there will probably more foodporn,

 travel posts 

and~ haul posts than skincare/cosmetics reviews in the next 6 1/2 weeks. But as long as I'm in China, I'll have a single room for myself so I should be able to take pictures of the things I buy and sometimes write reviews too. 
Also...Blogger and Blogspot kind~ of happen to be blocked in China.
I'm trying to find a way to still post, but my Internet will be probably quite~ slow and I won't post that often.
So be prepared for major spam as soon as I'm in Seoul, because I'll definitely write the blog posts :P

Also, you might want to follow Jennys and mine Blog on Tumblr.
Tumblr is accessible without any problems, so I should be able to update almost every day.
There won't be any lengthy text posts, but instead be prepared for pretty pictures :D
You might also see some pretty faces on there, like those:

Who knows who those 2 are? :D

So please don't unfollow me here, yes? T^T
I'll definitely still update, and I will be buying loads~ of Chinese/Taiwanese/Korean skincare and stuff that I'll definitely all review when i'm back in Germany :D

Oh and also, if there are any Korean products or any products that you can get in China that you guys could recommend to me, that would be absolutely awesome :D 
Tell me your favourites, please~ ^-^


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