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Sorry for the lack of updates

China makes it really difficult to access Blogger, and even if you succeed it only works really~ slowly so I never really got myself to write a blog post ><
Anyways, I'm in Korea now and will be back in Germany on the 12th of June. There are so~ many things to do here, so maybe the blog posts will only follow after I went back to Germany (prepare for major spam).
I'm kind of updating Instagram daily though so you might want to follow me there. My id is Chocopiex3 .

Some random pictures from China:

That's a theme park. About Dinosaurs. 
There will be a really~ long post about this one coming up.

Saying Hi to a Liger in the Zoo.

Adorable couples wearing couple shirts in China, making every single person around them incredibly depressed TT

The Bund during daytime:

And at night..

Because you need a daily amount of Happy Lemon to get through the day~
Did I mention yet that by the end of my stay, all the Happy Lemon workers knew me and always greeted me? I kind of miss them TT

Because in China Pocky needs Pandas.

An ethnic minority showing their traditional dances on the street of Nanjing Lu.

That's it for now I hope you guys enjoyed my small picture spam ^^  
There'll be a lot~ more coming up as soon as I have more time. 
Also, if there are any places near/in Seoul that you would recommend tell me :D 


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