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Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base Review

Etude House Sweet Recipe

Baby Choux Base Review

Today I finally have another review for you~ ^-^
Something that I almost used up by now, it's Etude House's Baby Choux Base! :D

Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base
#02 Berry Choux
Price: 12,60$ on Amazon (new packaging only)
Amount: 25g (35g in the new packaging)

Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base

I bought this while I was in Korea last year, simply because the packaging was too sweet~
A sales assistant helped me pick it, and we had quite some trouble finding the right one. 
She told me the Baby Choux Base was made for people with oily skin, and because I told her I have very dry and sensitive skin she said it could dry out my skin even more.
However, after testing every single BB cream that was fit for dry skin in the store on the back of my hand, we came to the conclusion that all the BB creams...were too dark for me ;-;
And here I thought at least in Korea I'd be able to buy make-up...

Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base

So in the end, I got the Baby Choux Base anyways because it was light enough for my skin tone, and apparantly the #02 Base is especially good for pale skin as it brightens the skin up a bit.

As you can see on the packaging, it has an SPF too, which is great because I get sunburns so easily~
especially on my nose. ^^''

Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base

It comes in a small, adorable jar, which I usually don't like that much because it tends to be not very hygenic.


Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base

It already comes with a small spatula, which is great 

It has a very specific scent to it, kind of sweet...yet still a bit chemical.
Very powdery, somehow.

Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base

The texture is quite thick and feels a bit grainy, which reminds me of peelings. I guess that is supposed to help with making your skin look soft.

You only need to use a very small amount to cover your whole face, just like BB cream.
Which is great, because that way the product will last you a lot longer 

As you (hopefully) can see, it brightens up my skin a lot.  The colour is really light~ which makes sense, since it's intended for people with pale skin, but even for me it's so light that it looks quite unnatural if I only wear the baby choux base.
But since it's just a base, it's intended to be worn underneath BB cream or other foundation, and for that it works really well. Usually foundation or BB cream is always a tad bit too dark for me, but with the baby choux base underneath, it always has the right colour. And it appears more soft too, even when my skin is very dry.

I love it~ It was not expensive, and yet it works so well for me.
And it lasts so long too~ I have been using it for over a year now and it's still not empty!

Maybe you have noticed something different about this blog post....

Those cute emoticons! 
They're from Little Miss Paintbrush and were distributed on a blog post on
They're absolutely adorable, and look a lot better than my usual usage of ^-^and :D
Tell me what you think about them in the comments below~
Also, what do you think of this product? Do you have any Etude House products yourself?
If yes, which ones are your favourites?  ^^ 

On another note, I might not be able to post something next week, as I'm moving to Taipei on February the 23rd, so I'll probably be really~ busy with packing and preparing everything. So please don't mind my short hiatus, I'll be posting lots of updates when I'm in Taipei. Hopefully, I will have many interesting stories to share then.
If you want to keep updated, feel free to follow me on my Instagram and Tumblr , I'll be posting daily photos or short diary posts on Tumblr . Right now, there's mainly photos from my Korea trip last year, but hopefully you'll enjoy those too.


  1. i didn't have that product in Indonesia :( by the way i request taipei food for your next post lol

    have a nice day!

    1. oh really? D: that's too bad..maybe they have it in the regular packaging though? sicne the sweet recipe collection was limited.
      I'll blog about taipei food for sure! :D i already heard so much about it...lots of bubble tea, dumplings, etc x3 can't wait to try it all out :D

  2. This is one of my favorite products

  3. Great review! But I think this will be too pale for me. xp

    1. they have it in 2 other colours as well ^^

  4. Hi Lydia! Hope everytthing is going well with your move and you enjoy the most of your stay in Taipei. Honestly I liked this packaging the most, although I don't consider it as hygienic as the new one. PD: I think the emoticons look very cute and now I'm following you in tumblr!

    1. thank you! :D i just arrived here yesterday, so far it's been super busy and hot (i went from snow in germany to having 26° celsius here in Taipei) ^^
      i've noticed you on tumblr :D

  5. I have this too! it looks and smells good enough to eat lol
    anyway new follower <3
    looking forward to your beauty post and hauls!

    I hope you check out my blog~

    1. yes exactly x3 like some cream puff or something...just delicious :D
      thank you~ ^^ i already have a Daiso haul coming up, i just went there and bought sooo much stuff :D things here in Taipei are so cheap, it's awesome x3

      i quite like your photos ^-^ followed you back :D


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