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Taiwan Travel Diary #14: Yuanshan farmers market and Tonghua nightmarket

Hey everyone~
I'm so much behind with my blog posts, I'm sorry ;-;
Anways: Last month i planned to check out the Confucius temple near Yuanshan  station with my roommate. At that time, there was a farmers market, which is apparantly  every weekend, and we got a bit sidetracked and spent most of our afternoon there.
There was so much food one could try there, all super fresh and delicious.
And of course, like in every other place that has crowds of people, there were some street performers.

These guys here were super funny. They kept acting while performing their tricks, and all the little kids who were watching them loved it.

Afterwards we went to Tonghua nightmarket to try out their food stalls, as we both had never been there before.


One small store at the nightmarket sold Running Man name tags in the game section, which is super cool in my opinion.

Spotted this cute lizard at the nightmarket~

On the day afterwards, we got some delicious hotpot set in a restaurant in Ximen.

Plus some passionfruit ice tea with a random piece of apple thrown in.

That's it for today, I hope you enjoyed my photos.
Which food looks the best?
Did you ever visit the farmers market or Tonghua nightmarket?
Tell me in the comments below.

Love, Lydia


  1. That looks all so great, and the whole of choice. =)


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