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Korea Trip #1: Hongdae flea market

Hey everyone~ 
I'm in Korea now, which hopefully explains the lack of updates. I have spent the past week mostly with eating a lot, as Korean food is super delicious~

 Just a few more food pictures for you:

Todays post will be about Hongdae flea market.
When you hear Hongdae you'll most likely think of the clubs and the street music first, right?

Most people go to Hongdae in the evenings, but Hongdae has lots of activities in the afternoon as well.
(I wrote a post about Hongdae a while ago here )

Every saturday from noon to evening there's a flea market happening on Hongdae playground, where a lot of indiviudal designers and artists sell their work.

like dyed leggings and tights

Since all of those pieces are individually designed and made, they're definitely not cheap.
Even though there were so many interesting things i didn't manage to buy anything since most items are more than 30.000Won

However if you want to buy gifts or souvenirs for your friends the flea market is a great place to buy something, since the items sold here are all super unique.

If the weather is good, the flea market always draws in a lot of visitors so of course there will always be street performers as well.

If you want to get a portrait of yourself done, then the flea market is also the right place to go to. 

Also saw Sunho Jung perform again in the afternoon. He's quite famous around Hongdae for his guitar skills.

We also took some purikura later that day. I haven't been able to find any Purikura machine in Taipei so I'm planning to take a lot while in Korea!

Also I love sitting in cafes in Korea for studying. It's a super relaxing atmosphere and makes me want to study harder.

That's it for today~ 
Hope you enjoyed this small post about my first days in Korea.
If there is any place that you'd like to recommend me to visit please tell me in the comments below.

Love, Lydia


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