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Korea Trip #2: Meat-ing and Ehwa

Hey everyone~ I'm already back in Taipei, can't believe I didn't manage to write more than one blog post while I was in Korea. In my defense, I went out every day and made many great memories in Seoul~

Let's talk about food first, because eating is what I did and enjoyed the most there.

When people ask me which Korean food I like most, I always find it difficult to answer.
I love Ddeokbeoggi, but Samgyeobsal is amazing as well.
However, it can be quite expensive.
The solution?
All you can eat Korean BBQ!

There's a place in Hongdae called Meat-ing (which is a hilarious name for a bbq place) where you can enjoy as much meat as you can cook and eat for 2 hours, and only pay 10,900 (lunch)/ 11,900Won (dinner)!!

It's super easy to find too, just get out of Hongik Exit #9
Turn left
Turn right
Keep walking and Meat-ing is on your left side.
Enjoy the delicious meat and side dishes!

On another day, I went to Ehwa University to do some shopping and to buy books.
I love their campus, it looks gorgeous!

It's so green and pretty, and some of the buildings look like small castles in Europe!

However, actually studying there must be quite tiring, There's so many hills, imagine if you had to walk up there every day for class..

We took a few photos at the famous staircase of Ehwa.

Two more random photos:

And Karaoke!
Luxury (Su)Noraebang is still my favourite Noraebang in Hongdae ^-^

That's it for today, hope you enjoyed this post.
Which places in Seoul do you like most, or which would you like to go to?
Please tell me in the comments below.

Love, Lydia


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