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Taobao Haul + Yoybuy Review

A few days ago Jennys and mine package from Taobao finally arrived~ Well technically it was not from Taobao but from Yoybuy. Confused? :D
The things I bought~

For those of you who never heard of Taobao before, it's basically the Chinese Ebay. But you might as well call it "the wonderland where you'll find everything you want for super cheap", because that's what it is. There's soo~ much cute stuff on it. As well as fake stuff, but that's awesome too.
Just like on Ebay, there are many different sellers. And the whole website is in Chinese. So for all of us who do not speak Chinese, the first question to appear in our mind after discovering amazingly cute items on it is: " how do I buy this and get this to my home?"
It was the same for us. After navigating through the website for a while, it seemed as if there's no possibility of getting the stuff delievered to you if you live outside of China. If you're able to register and buy things, that is. But I knew that a friend of mine, also living in Germany, did buy things from Taobao before. After asking her she told me that she's asking a friend of her in China to buy her things and send them to her.
We were quite disappointed after hearing that, because we really~ wanted to have those things. Germany barely has any cute stuff and Taobao has so much of it T.T

It took us a few days to get the final idea of just searching on Google for ways to order from Taobao.
Stupid, aren't we? xD
Anways, if you google something like "how to buy from Taobao" you'll find many different so-called "Taobao services". We decided to settle with one service one of our friends also used, Yoybuy . They also translate the names of the items on Taobao, and you can also search for something in English on that website.
If you already found the things you want on Taobao, you simply copy the url into the search panel on Yoybuy and then add the items to your cart. Their service is super simple, easy to understand and quite fast. Our items have been shipped out 1 day after paying for the shipping fee.'s super expensive.
We paid about 100$ for the things we bought ...and about 80$ for the shipping/service fee. The service fee is only 10% of the price you're paying for the items themselves, and even though the shipping was done with EMS I doubt that it's really that expensive normally. Unfortunately, it's impossible to find any cheaper Taobao service. They're all really expensive T.T
And~ the package got stuck in customs as well -.- Due to some "missing information" on the package. So we had to pay another 60-something $ for that.
If you ever order from Taobao, no matter with which service...expect to pay at least twice the price of the actual items.

At least they packed everything really neatly, there was not even an inch of space wasted :D
Looots of bubble wrap

Fragile things were securely packed.

Chaos~ enough of that.
Onto the cute stuff, yay~~~~~~~~~~~~

Super cute Panda wallet for 3,22$

                                         A cute Mr. Panda storage bag for the bathroom for 2,89$

Panda Cellphone Charm for 0,81$. It looked small in the picture but in reality it's huge~ :o

Strawberry tea filter for 1,14$

open the strawberry to fill in your favourite tea~
close the strawberry :D
Enjoy your tea :D

Adidas x Jeremy Scott Wings 

                                        Cute Ghost pens for  0,26$ each~

What's in this egg? :o

A small towel :D For ...I don't remember how much it was xD

Domo-kun Cellphone bag for 1,30$

Cellphone cases for 2,44$ each~

Fandom Stuff xD 0,81$ for the ear cap and 0,98 for the cellphone charm

Super cute 'Ear Cap' for 0,59$

DIY desk storage boxes for 0,94$

Desk calendar for 1,59$
adorable design~ :D

Lego Notebook for 3,87$

That's the box it came in. The packaging is quite hilarious xD

vocabulary notebook for 0,75$

There's even space for example sentences :D I'm using it for writing pinyin though ^^

It comes with those sheets to help you with studying :D 

My Beauty Diary Asia Brightening Pack for 9,11$ ^^  I'll do a review on those as soon as possible~

And~ that's it :D
If anyone wants to know from which Taobao store I got an specific item, just ask me in the comments below and I'll look it up for you ^^


  1. Oh mein Gott! Danke für die Siete, die ist sowas von genial! wie bestelle ich wenn ich kein chinesisch kann? cih will auch auch auch :D

    1. Einfach direkt bei Yoybuy suchen (da funktionieren englische Suchbegriffe) oder so lange bei Taobao rumklicken bis man was findet. Oder~ (meine Version xD) einzelne Wörter per Google Translate auf Chinesisch übersetzen lassen und danach suchen ^^


    2. Hi,shopattao is a great taobao agent that can help you solve all of the problem buy from china,and the price will surprise you,it has the lowest fee and the best rate..what is more,it is safe,it is a good choice for you,if you want to buy cheap chinese stuff,have a look at

  2. WOW!!! This haul is huge and super cute!!!(*≧ v ≦)♥
    But it's a shame that you had to pay so much for your order because at first it was so cheap. It is the disadvantage of buying at TaoBao!u___u
    Now going to the things you bought. All are beautiful, super cuuuuute!!!!o(≧∇≦o) I want them all!!;O;
    Thank you for share your experience with TaoBao and YoyBuy!
    Have a nice day!(^v^)ノ

    1. Thanks for the comment ^^
      I already knew shipping would be expensive but I thought it would be okay since the items didn't seem that heavy...but oh well~ now I know to put more money aside, just for the shipping fee ^^

  3. omg cute!!
    my fav taobao store is orangebear..
    i really like cute stuffs like this but i'm really bad at choosing..:(

    1. Thanks for mentioning that store~ the stuff there looks great :D
      I know that feel...especially when you just want to buy everything, but then the budget is never enough T^T

  4. I'm curious about the brightening MBD masks ^_^

    1. I was planning to do a review on those soon ^^ But it might take a while, my skin has so many break-outs lately that I want to give it a break before using masks again T^T
      I've used two of them so far, and they're making my skin glow~ so I really like them ^^

  5. Oh my dear! The things you got are so cute!!! *-*
    I totally need this strawberry tea filter!!! T^T Thanks for the haul, you gave me some inspiration what I could purchased next Q0Q

    1. Right? It's so difficult to not just order everything, because everything's so cute ;_;
      thanks for the comment (^-^)~

  6. Gosh where did you buy those Adidas shoes?? seems expensive!

  7. Thanks OP for the great share! Everything looks so lovely!

    This might be a bit off topic but very recently we started a business called Chinabuy in Australia to help you purchase from Taobao and other Chinese websites (we're Chinese Australians, we speak both English and Chinese). In particular, our goal is to address most if not all issues of those Taobao agents out there. Here is how:

    * We're an English-speaking Australian business. Our team is 100% Australian-based. So it would be much easier to deal with us.

    * We bargain on your behalf and pass on the saving to you. We want to emphasise this is very common when it comes to shopping from online marketplaces such as Taobao in China. If you ask a Taobao agent out there for your transaction record on Taobao they'll probably refuse -- wonder why? They bargained and put the money in their pocket rather than yours!

    * We provide you the original Taobao transaction record. That means whatever price we've bargained, you get the same price. For example, if we have the domestic shipping cost waived, you will have it too.

    * All you pay is item costs + shipping. We don't charge a service fee. The service charge is notorious as it potentially involves a minimum charge, a cancellation fee, or a payment surcharge. So we've decided to remove it altogether and simplify the fee structure, to bring you an uncomplicated, transparent shopping experience.

    * We offer competitive exchange rate directly from Chinese Yuan to Australian Dollars, so No US dollars for Australian residents.

    * Our shipping rates are one the lowest in our industry if you'd take a little while to compare.

    Check out our website today and we're sure you'll love our service if you give us a chance to bring a smile on your face.

  8. Awesome! I really like the wigs. Packaging seems to be thoughtful.

    I would vouch for and they don't charge a service fee if you're in Australia.

  9. Adidas is expensive on

  10. You're so nice.. Thanks for this post..
    i alway use taobao agent

    1. i never hear of that one, are they good? ^^
      and thanks :D

  11. I use local Chinese forwarding company. Usually those English Agent charge very high for shipping and agent fee! That's how they earn. Too bad!


Thanks for commenting ^-^