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Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar Review

Yay for another review of the things I bought in Korea (somehow I didn't get myself to write a review of the things I bought on Koreadepart yet. Sorry~ )

Price: 4,68$ on Koreadepart
Amount: 2g

Its promises:

" -Formulated with vitamin E, berry complex
                                                               -Provides moisture and nutrition for skin
                                                                     -Soft and creamy texture
                                                                        -Sweet fruits scent"

It also has a nice and short instruction on how to use it:

"Apply it to your lips"

I would have never guessed that :o

See that fine line under the writing? Twist it and the bar goes upwards~ 
This will make you get the product without any problem ^^

I actually don't even know which colour I have o.o
When I bought it, I just got it like that without a packaging or anything, and the bunny face looks different than those shown on Koreadepart. Judging from the colour of the packaging it looks like No.3, Juicy Apple...but it tastes more like Juicy Cherry so I think I have that one? ^^'

Swatched on the back of my hand it looks like this:

Without Flash
With Flash

It looks really~ pink but the colour doesn't come off as strong on my lips.

Bare lips: 

Dry lips, yay xD
                   Also that weird spot on my lower lip is not a pimple or anything, it's just a spot that's randomly darker than the rest of my lips ^^''

With Tony Moly's Petite Bunny gloss bar:

It looks really~ glossy here, but that effect fades after a few minutes and the lips will look really natural.
It's really not super pigmented, but that's what I like about it. ^^

Why yes, how it tastes IS something important to me xD
After all, I'm putting this on my lips, aren't I?
Anways~ like I said before it does taste like Cherry (kind of), and very fruity~  and I love it :D
Yummy Yummy Yummy~

"Soft and creamy texture" definitely fits it. 
It just glides over your lips, you don't have to apply any pressure on it to get a nice result.
And with saying that, I mean never apply any unnecessary pressure on it.
I did it once, and I broke of a corner of it with that T.T Clumsy me strikes again~

Anyways, it feels very nice on your lips and hydrates them well. No need to use lip balm or anything before applying it, the texture is very similiar to a lip balm anyways. I think you could compare it with a tinted lip balm, with a slightly~ glossy/shiny finish ^^

5/5 Stars :D


  1. This looks like such a great product, your review was really helpful as it points out some details other reviews miss (like the delicate nature of the stick, so be careful!)

    It's a little hard to tell exactly what this color looks like but if the formula is good that's a sign that getting this in other colors will probably be a safe bet ^_^

    1. Thanks for the comment ^^

      I don't know how the color looks on other lips since mine are not very pigmented normally, so the color probably turns out more pinkish than on others, but it does look natural ^^ It's probably the best to just look through all color options and then just choose the one which fits the best? ^-^

  2. Based on the packaging, it looks like you have the #9 Neon Red. :)

    1. really? thank you~ ^^
      though if it's really neon red, then it doesn't really deserve its name. it's not neon at all :D


Thanks for commenting ^-^