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Why Korea is awesome: Dog Cafés (or why Sunnye Pet Café might not be the best choice)

Hey everyone~ 
If you noticed, my last blog post and this one have weird titles right? 
That's because I'm trying to write about all~ the stuff that happened in Korea and China, so as not to make it confusing, I tried to think of a title for a blog series. 
I'm not very creative, aren't I?
So all posts about China will be titled with "Why I love China" and all posts about Korea with  "Why Korea is awesome".  They will be uploaded in no particular order. ^^

Back to the main topic: Dog Cafés. 
I already did a photo spam of cat cafés, but last year I didn't get the chance to go to a dog café. They basically have the same concept like cat cafés:
You buy an overpriced drink (usually 8000Won), play with the pets and stay as long as you want to.

We tried to go to Bau House last year already, but never found it as we didn't know back then that it moved from Hongdae to Hapjeong. This time we had the correct adress and directions (yay) but~ we were lazy. So instead of taking the metro for one station to go to Hapjeong, my awesome roommates and I decided to go to Sunnyne Pet Café instead, which is located near exit 5 of Hongik Station. Now here's the problem: Exit 5 is in the airport line section of the subway station, which means you have to pay the usual basic fare if you want to reach exit 5 through walking underground. So instead, we tried to find it without going through the subway station and we got a tiny bit when we arrived, it was already around 9 and the dog café closes at 10pm...we only had one hour there T^T

This is what Sunnye looks like:

Some cheap couches, tables and a lot~ of dogs.
The entrance/exit is seperated from the inside through two doors, the main door (aka the door that seperated the café from the stairway of the building) and a smaller gate/door thingy that keeps the dogs from running up to you as soon as you enter. They will notice you right away though, and every time a new customer arrives it gets really~ loud.

As soon as you open the gate and step inside, sit down on the small couch next to the gate.
As soon as you sit, the dogs will calm down and accept you as a guest. They might still be really curious and gather around you, but they will stop barking. If you keep standing, they see you as an intruder and keep barking and jumping up on you. So do everyone a favor and sit down quickly like the staff tell you to :D

What happens when someone new comes in.

Or, in general: always listen to the staff.
I'm not sure about Bau house, but at Sunnye they didn't know how to speak English at maybe just follow whatever they do? Communication through hand gestures works wonders ^^ The general rules should be similiar to cat cafés:
-No flash when taking photos (bad for the eyes of the doggies)
-Don't pick the small dogs up (They will hop onto your lap if they want to)
-Don't pull their tails
-Don't give them your drink, or any food that is not purchased within the café
-Take care of your belongings (dogs might pee on them. there's no room to store your bag, so always keep it with you)

and last but not least:
-Be careful not to get run over by the giant dog.
Yes I just made that rule up.
But seriously, look at this:

He almost reached my waist o.o I'm quite small but still...this dog is huge~ 
And quite clumsy. So be careful :P

For comparison, that's the dog sitting on a regular couch:

See that small, round dog at his feet? This dog was so~ chubby, it looked really funny when it was walking.
And somehow, it liked us a lot~
We were trying to get the cute dogs to our table to take photos, but only this one appeared xD least he was nice?

More photos of dogs:

This one really needs a haircut, he could barely see T^T

Napping on the table~

Napping under our table.

Let me pet you~

(Tiny) king of the world~

This one was so fluffy x3

Falling asleep....soon.

And last but not least....the funniest sleeping pose out of all dogs. xD

As you can see, I didn't take that many photos. Mainly because dogs move a lot faster than cats when they decide to get up from their beauty sleep, and also because I didn't have much time in the café.

For someone like me who misses his dogs at home (like I did), this place is great~
it's not very clean.
Maybe it was because closing time was soon, but the staffs were kind of lazy with cleaning up after the dogs.
Sometimes when an 'accident' happened, they cleaned up immediately.
Sometimes they saw it but took at least 5 minutes before cleaning up.
And most of the time, they didn't even see it because all staffs were staying behind the counter/in the other corner of the café. So the smell was a little....well, not so nice.
I'm not sure whether Bau House is better in that aspect or not, but whenever I read blog posts from people who went there they always mentioned that it was very clean for a dog café.
So, if you're not as dog crazy as I am, you might better want to head to Bau house for your first dog café experience ^^

Did you ever go to a dog café? If yes, which one and how was it? Please tell me in the comments ^^


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