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Korea Haul Part 1: Cosmetics&Skincare

I'm talking about cosmetics again. Yay or Nay?

I bought a lot less than I planned to, mainly because in the middle of my vacation I encountered some problems with my credit card...and after that, I was getting paranoid about it maybe not working again so I tried to not spend too much money T^T
Also I restricted myself to small and light items because my luggage was already at its limits when I arrived in Seoul ._.

Everything that I bought

All samples ^^ 

 What I bought from A'Pieu:
Anti-wrinkle Gel Eye&Lip Patch
Green Recipe Sheet Mask Apple


I actually just went into A'Pieu because I was curious, so I didn't plan to buy anything. But somehow, I just can't walk out of a store without buying anything. I always feel guilty when I do that T^T So I ended up buying those masks~

What I bought from Innisfree:
It's real gold kiwi mask
It's real jejubija mask
-no samples-

Went into Innisfree for the same reason as above, and those masks were cheap so I bought them~

What I bought from Etude House:
Royal Jelly sheet mask
Essence mask: Hylaluronic acid
Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base: Berry Choux
Sweet Recipe Candy Stick: Lemon Candy
Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit

The samples:

Not that much, considering how much I bought :o Last year it was more.
But~ I went during sale time, so maybe that's why?

Also, funny story:
I tested every single BB Cream they had.
And each of them was too dark for me ;_;
I didn't plan on buying the Sweet Recipe Base because it's made for oily skin, and mine is more dry was the only base/bb-thingy that fit my skin tone ._.
And then I bought the Precious Mineral BB cream just in case I'll ever get slightly more tanned.
The poor sale assistants didn't know what to do when none of their BB creams fit me ^^'' oops~

What I bought from The Face Shop:
New Zealand Volcanic Clay Black Head Clay Nose Pack
Face it All About Easy Liner (Black)


What I bought from Skinfood:
Milk Shake Point Make-up Remover
Eggplant Pen Eyeliner (Black)
Banana Concealer Stick
Jungle Fruits Multi-Juice: #4 Oragen
Black Rasberry Serum


Skinfood definitely gives the most samples ^^ 

What I bought from Holika Holika:
Angel's Ring Aqua Hair Mist
Pure Mellow Skin Tuning Starter
Holy Berry Jelly Tint: Cherryberry
-no samples-

What I bought from Too Cool For School:
After School BB Foundation Lunch Box #2
Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Oil Blotting Paper


Too Cool For School has the coolest  design of all the cosmetic shops in Seoul.
When you walk past the store, you probably won't even think that it could be a make-store if you don't know it before. They have lots of puppets, skulls, and other random things in there, but it really looks cool.
And that was basically the main reason why I bought things there.
Oh well..

What I bought from Nature Republic:
Tweety Jelly Tint (judging from the Tweety picture, it should be #3Petit Pink)
-no samples-

They had a sale going on, so....difficult to resist?

What I bought from Tony Moly:
Bunny Perfume Bar: Momo Fruity
-no samples-

They also had a sale.

Korea was plotting to empty my wallet. 

I'm planning to review all of those, but as you know~
I'm a little slow with reviews ^^''
If there's anything you would really like to be reviewed please let me know, I will do that one first.
Thanks for reading~ (^-^)v 


  1. Hi Lydia, what a nice haul..
    I also did the same, afraid that the baggage would overweight >.<
    Following your blog btw ^^

    1. thank you~ ^^
      now that i'm back home, I actually regret not buying more. Ordering online is so much more expensive T^T

  2. Hi Lydia ;) I just wonder. How do you get samples from these shops? I'm from Philippines and have bought from EH and TFS but they don't offer samples hehe. It's really interesting ;)

    1. they don't? really? :o
      In Korea they usually put a few samples into the plastic bag with the item you purchased. Unless it's a sales period, they don't really give samples during sale times ^^ and as far as I know you can always ask the store assistants for samples. I'm not sure if that will work in the Philippines too though


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