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Why Korea is awesome: Cute Cafés in Samcheongdong

Why yes, I am extremely slow with posting.
Sorry guys T^T
I already came back from my trip two months ago but I still didn't write about half of the things I wanted to write about. Oops.

Anyways...tell me, about which areas of Seoul did you guys hear before?
Gangnam for sure, the "rich" district.
Itaewon, the foreigner district.
Insadong, perfect place for souvenir shopping.
Hongdae, the artsy college area with lots of cafés and clubs.
But did you know there's another area that has lots of cute cafés and art galleries too?

It's called 삼청동.

I first found out about this place when I watched EatYourKimchi's video about it.
Even if you're not particularly interested in arts and art galleries (I didn't visit any of those), it's still a nice place to visit. And it's very conveniently located, just opposite of famous Insadong and not far away from Gyeongbokgung palace, so if you're in that area, why not check it out anyways?

How to get there:
Take subway Line 3 to Anguk Station.
Get out from Exit 1.
Go straight for about 100m until you see this : 

Insadong-gil should be just on the other side of the street.
Follow this alley located between two schools and find cute restaurants at first, then keep walking and find art galleries and interesting shops. 

The alley itself is really beautiful.

Onto the cute cafés~
This one was my favourite.

It's located very close to the beginning of the alley, you won't miss it.

(Photo spam ahead)

You can take a seat upstairs if you want to, which I highly recommend. The upper area of the café is really cute ^^

I didn't manage to take a photo of their menu, but they have everything cafés in Korea usually have.
I decided on a simple waffle and a milktea, which was way too overpriced but that's normal in Korea.
In total it cost me 15.000 Won.

The waffle tasted really~ good ^^

The milktea was....alright, I guess. It tasted a little weird. 

More photos of the adorable interior~

Many messages and scribbles of people who went to this café~

This penguin was particularly cute.

Cat sticker on the window. It was a rainy day~

"please please please.."

Another cute café in Samcheongdong:

This time I ordered an ice-cream brownie. Much cheaper than the waffles they offered, and just as yummy ^^

It doesn't look like that~ much, but the brownie they offer is so chocolate-y and yummy, it's really filling ^^

Ordered an iced Latte Macchiato as well.

More photos from Samcheongdong:

Interesting sign on the way.

Story time:
When I went to Samcheongdong last year, one of the schools there actually had a school festival!
And one of the students made us do a pinky-promise that we would take a look at it, so we did.
Turns out we were the only non-students there, and of course, the only foreigners.
It was quite awkward, but the performances were fun to watch!

Guess the dance?

Right, it's SHINee's Sherlock :D

When it turned dark, Samcheongdong turned even more pretty..

That's it for the photo spam of the day ^^
I hope you enjoyed it :D 


  1. awww thank you for sharing!
    i went to insadong and gyeongbokgong palace but i never knew about samcheongdong.
    should go there when i visit seoul again. ^^

    1. thanks for the comment ^-^
      yes you definitely should :D it's really nice and not as crowded with tourist as insadong ist ^^


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