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China Haul Pt. 1 : Cosmetics

I was really~ looking forward to going shopping in Watsons and at Sasa but...
those were scary.
So many sales assistants trying to sell you stuff, testing things on your hand while talking to you in fast Chinese even though you told them before that your Chinese is not very was scary, really.
I just wanted to look around by myself T^T Then I would definitely have bought more, especially in the sheet mask section.
There was only one Watsons in which I was able to shop freely, which is where I bought most of my stuff ^^

Anyways~ onto the goodies :D

Sheet Masks~
Except for the My Beauty Diary Mask and the L'Herboflore mask I bought all of those at a stationary store so~ i'm not so sure if they're good quality. But the designs were so cute x3 
So I couldn't resist. Oops. They were cheap though, mostly under 4 yuan.
I'll try to do reviews of all of them ^^

Bought those two in a Watsons. I read about limi before I went to China, but I was not prepared for that small corner of affordable, cute cosmetics within Watsons x3
Bought their Red Apple Whitening Eye Mask for my super dark circles, and their Tea Tree Whisper Acne-Control emulsion.

Aaaand my most interesting find in China. Does this remind you of something?
Tony Moly's Bunny Gloss Bar, by chance? 

Most of the writing is gone but it says "Cute Rabbit (something i can't read anymore) Light Colour Lip Stick" on top, and it had Holika Holika's witch logo next to it.
Right under it, it used to say "DoDo House".
I'm sitll impressed by how they managed to fake three different brands in one article.

I quite like it though, it was only 15 yuan (about 2€) and the colour is really natural looking ^^

I think I bought those at Sasa...?
EOS famous lipbalm in Summer Fruits (or something like that) and a green tea eye mask. I had two more of the eye masks because they had a 3 For 1 event going on, so now I have one left over ^^'

That's it~ Not very much, but my clothing and stationnary haul is a lot~ more.
Thanks for reading ^^


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