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Skinfood Black Rasberry Su Serum Review

Hey everyone~ ^-^
Today I have another review for you guys, Skinfood's Black Rasberry Su Serum.
I bought it in Korea, because I really wanted to buy something from Skinfood, and the Serum weighed less than toners or other things. Also, it just looks so cute..

Price: 12,76 $ on Koreadepart
Amount: 45 ml

The serum comes in this lovely glass bottle and the actual lid is covered with this paper wrapping with rasberry print. Doesn't it remind you of a marmalade jar somehow? ^^ 
The serum is mostly made for those that have dry skin, or normal skin that gets a bit dry during winter. Since my skin is very sensitive and quite dry in some areas, and winter was coming soon, I decided it would be just the right serum for me.
Like all serums, it's supposed to be applied after your toner.

Something I like about Skinfood is that  they actually put the expiration date onto their items. For someone as forgetful as I am, who can't even remember her time schedule, yet alone the day on which she opened a product, this is great because this way, i won't forget after which time i'm not supposed to use it anymoe ^^

If you take the super adorable bottle cap, made out of cork material, off, it reveals really handy pump, which is great for adjusting the amount of serum you actually need, and it's also really hygenic.

The serum's very thick, as serum's are supposed to be. It's quite sticky, and after applying it onto your face you'll definitely feel that it's there. Since the texture is that thick, it will take some time until your skin fully absorbed it.

While this serum might not be the most pleasant to have on your skin (too sticky), it does a great job in moisturizing you skin over night. When I wake up, my skin does feel less dry than usual, and not sticky at all anymore. I would not recommend applying this in the morning though, especially not during warmer seasons.

That's it for today, I hope you enjoyed this short review ^-^
Did you buy Skinfood cosmetics before? If yes, which ones are your favourites?


  1. I agree with you with the packaging being very cute. <3 I like all the details that Skinfood put into this.
    Thank you for the review, Lydia.

  2. I love it the packaging of this serum, this looks like a very nice product

    1. skinfood packaging is always so nice, right? :D


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