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Nature Republic Tweety Lip Tint Review


Nature Republic Tweety Lip Tint
Colour: No.3 Petit Pink
Amount: 9g
Price: around 5$ on Koreadepart

I bought this cute lip tint back when I was in Korea. While casually browsing through Nature Republic (They had a sales event going on), I found a corner filled with cute Tweety products. And obviously, I couldn't resist :D
Unfortunately, dumb me already removed the cardboard box it came it that had a cute Tweety print on it as well, and I just now noticed that I forgot to take a photo of it ;-; 

The bottle is light and small, perfect to take along while travelling,

The applicator is soft, a bit like a sponge and soaks up the lip tint, making it really easy to apply the tint on your lips evenly.
The tint itself is like a soft gel, not completely liquid like Tony Moly's tint for example. Which is really nice, because it will actually moisturize your lips instead of drying them out. It will feel slightly sticky after applying it, though that feeling fades quite quickly.

The tint also has a light, sweet scent to it, which reminds me a bit of some perfume that I once used.
It's quite pleasant, and not too strong which I really like.

Bare lips:

With Sweety Tint (photo taken 5 minutes after application of the tint)

As you can see, it's not a strong colour at all. The tint takes a bit of time until your lips will show some colour so I'd recommend you to not apply it directly before going out.

I would say this tint is nice if you simply want a light, natural colour to brighten up your lips a bit. Mine usually look so pale that people tend to ask me if I'm feeling ill, so this colour, especially because it's very light, works great for making me look a bit more healthy. And pink lips look cute, right? ^-^ 

I love this tint! Like I said before, the colour is perfect for a simple day on which I just want to look natural, but still put together and healthy ^-^ 
I can only recommend it to anyone who hates getting dry lips and likes natural, light colours on them :D

What do you think about this tint?
Too light, or just right?

Please tell me your opinion in the comments ^-^ 


  1. i think it's too light >.< not much different between your bare lips and after applying the tint..

    1. yea that's true ^^ sometimes my lips without any lip products look almost the same colour as my skin, so i usually wear this liptint during those days because it gives me at least a bit of colour :D


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