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Sheinside Mini Haul + OTD

Hey everyone~Happy New year~! 

Finally I have time to write a new blog post again :D
It's only gonna be a short one, since right now I'm editing lots and lots of photos for some other blog posts that I planned. And I still have so many things to do before I fly to Taipei in February~
Can't believe it's already 2015, time passed by so fast.

a while ago, I finally got myself to order something from Sheinside. They have many interesting clothes in their online store, but I was always a bit sceptical since they're not that~ cheap and some of their clothes look like you could buy them right off Taobao for much cheaper.

There were two items that I had been eyeing for a while, and when I last checked the website, both of them were on sale~ yay :D
Plus, If you ordered more than 30$ worth of items shipping was free.

So, before I show you what I got, let's talk about the buying process and shipping.
Their website is super easy to use, and they immediately confirmed my order. Shipping took less than two weeks until it arrived at my home, so that was great.

Now here's what I ordered:

Pink Long Sleeve Ink Painting Print Jacket 
Price: 35,78$
Material: Polyester

I really like this jacket. It's super thin, which makes it perfect for summer.
And the detailed print is such an eye-catcher :D

The print reminds me a lot of japanese ink paintings, coloured with light, pastel colours. The print makes it easy to combine with feminine, pretty clothing, but the design of the jacket makes it also possible to combine with different clothing for a cool, hip-hop vibe style-

This is how I prefer to wear the jacket:

Because the print of the jacket is so colourful and detailed, I like combining it with simple, black clothing as to not draw attention away from the main piece, the jacket. 
Here I combined it with a T-Shirt that I bought in China, short black pants and those leggings and black boots.

If you look for something unique and detailed for summer , I can only recommend this jacket.
They even have the print on the inside of the small pockets! :D

And then I also bought a shirt that I wanted for a while, because it was too cute to resist buying :

Grey Short Sleeve Cartoon Dinosaur Print Tshirt 
Price: 18,33$
Material: Cotton

There's not much to say about this T-Shirt, except that the material is super soft and comfy.
I think the shirt was probably intended to be a bit of a crop top, but since I'm pretty short, it does not expose my tummy but usally ends right on the top of my pants. 
And the dinosaurs are absolutely adorable, right? :D

So that's it for today.
I hope all of you had an awesome new years eve and a great beginning of 2015.
Tell me about your new year's in the comments please ^-^ 
Also, did any of you ever order from Sheinside? If yes, how was your experience and what did you buy? :D


  1. love your jacket <3.
    btw your style is like a neo gal ^^.

    1. thank you~ :D i can't wait for summer when i finally can wear it often again ^-^
      i just googled that style and omg, it looks so cool! thank you! :D


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