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Tony Moly Hello Bunny Perfume Bar #2 Review

Tony Moly Hello Bunny Perfume Bar
#2 Momo Fruity
Price: 9,90$ on KollektionK
Amount: 9g

The main reason I bought this was obviously the packaging. Look at how cute that bunny is!
I bought it in a Tony Moly store in Hongdae, after testing each of the Perfume Bars. I originally wanted to buy #5, which is said to smell like Green tea, but unfortunately they only had testers available for #1 - #4 T^T 
The other 3 scents (#1,#3,#4) were all too sweet and flowery for me. I prefer a lighter, more refreshing scent as I don't really use perfume that much and I don't want people to smell my perfume from 10feet away.

So~ I went with #2, Momo Fruity. I liked the scent immediately, as it reminded me of peaches and other fruit. It's a light scent, still sweet, but not too much. To quote my roommate: "Smells yummy, stop making me hungry!" 
An Amazon seller wrote the Top Note is Citrus, consisting of Lemon, Bergamot and Orange.
The middle note is Floral, consisting of Freesia, Muguet and White Rese.
The Base Note is Musk Woody, consisting of Musk and Sandalwood.

This sounds all fancy, doesn't it? I have no idea what those top, middle and base notes are though.
So let's just stick with "it smells like sweet,fresh fruit" :D

When you open the cap, you'll see that the perfume itself is protected by a smaller cap.
Yay for that ^^

Take off that small cap and twist the bottom of the perfume bar just like a lipstick.

I would describe the perfume bar as something that's similiar to the texture of a lip balm, just a bit more dense and not as soft.
You can apply it just by shortly swiping it over wherever you want to apply  your perfume.
It does not feel sticky after applied, and the scent is quite light so you don't have to be afraid of using too much at once. If you want a stronger scent, just apply it another time on the same spot.
The scent lasts for 3-5 hours, I'd say.

There's nothing about this that I don't like.
The scent, the texture, the great price and the cute, yet also convenient packaging. I would not take liquid perfume with me when going out, but this perfume bar? Just throw it into your bag, you can take it anywhere to reapply it if yor're going out for a longer period of time ^^ 

What do you think about Tony Moly's perfume bar?
Do you have any of the scents they offer?
If not, have you heard of or used solid perfume before? ^-^
Please tell me your opinion in the comments :D

Love and Greetings,


  1. Hi Lydia!
    I like the name of the perfume bar heheh I don't know why but I find it funny.
    Hope you are having a nice day!

    1. it does sound funny, right? :D kind of like a childhood cartoon superhero...Momo Fruity~

      Hope you have a nice day too ^^

    2. hahah you're right, definitely sounds like the name of a cartoon superhero. xD

  2. I was seen this at tony moly counter before but never try to smell the scent.
    must be smell the sample next time I go to tony moly counter.

    nice review anyway ^^.

    1. hey, thanks for the review ^^
      i'm so jealous of all of you who have actual tony moly stores in their countries :D
      definitely try it, i really love their scents, and perfume bars are so useful for carrying with me in a bag compared to usual perfume.^^


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