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Taiwan Travel Diary #9: NTU and Gongguan

Eel Bibimbab

Hey everyone~
This blog post will be quite short so don't worry ^-^ 

Mushrooms, vegetables and tofu on hot stone
 On 25th March, I went out with a Korean friend to do some shopping at Gongguan. Since NTU, National Taiwan University, is right around the corner we took a stroll around their campus first.
And it was really beautiful there.

There were so many adorable turtles swimming around in that lake on campus~

And many people were feeding them.

Some fish too. This one tried really hard for a while to swallow his food.

After walking around the campus for more than an hour (the campus is huge~) we headed back towards the MRT station to do some shopping around the areal.

It was pretty warm on that day, so we got some shaved ice first. This one said strawberry shaved ice (we originally wanted Mango but it was sold out), and we expected it to have some real strawberries...turns out it was just strawberry sauce.

There are also a lot of food stalls around Gongguan that I have yet to try out.

We ate dinner at a Curry restaurant in Gongguan, which was not the cheapest, but the food was alright.

free water

I got fried fish curry...let's just say there wasn't that much fish.

That's it for today.
Have any of you ever went to NTU or Gongguan? ^^
Anything you're curious about in Taiwan, or any cool places to recommend?
Please tell me in the comments below.


  1. The city looks so great. And the food looks so delicious. =)

  2. Great photos!! I want to go there so badly ahahaha :D The food looks so yummy~

    1. thank you ^-^
      i hope you get a chance to go sometime, taiwan is really amazing when it comes to food :D

  3. Omg the food looks so good! Your pictures are always so lovely ♥

    Michelle天羽 ♥
    Blog | Instagram

    1. aww thank you! :D yours too ^-^


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