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Taiwan Travel Diary #8: Taipei Zoo

Hey guys~ 
I'm sooo not up to date with my blog posts, I'm terribly sorry for that D:
Two weeks ago, I went to Taipei Zoo with two korean friends, and I took a lot~ of photos there.
Hope you enjoy~

How to get to Taipei Zoo:

Take Metro Line 1 (also called Wenhu Line, or the brown line) to Taipei Zoo station.
Get out of Exit 1 and walk straight, the zoo is on your right side.

The zoo was really nicely decorated. In front of the entrance they had those payphone boxes in the form of some famous animals of their zoo.

Normal tickets cost 60 NTD (ca 2€), but if you're a student, it's only 30NTD which is super cheap.
When you get your ticket, they also hand you a small paper indicating a time frame (ours was 13.00-13.15). This is for entrance to the Panda house, as it's probably the busiest place in the entire zoo. If you want to get in there and look at the pandas, make sure you're there during the time frame indicated on that paper.

This photo was taken at the restrooms.
Asia has sucha weird obsession with poop i don't even know.

Onto the animals~
the first ones we saw were those adorable napping Koalas:

The next part was the Formosa animals, with some deers (that we barely saw)

Those seem to be the feeding times of the animals. We only arrived at the zoo at 1PM, so if you want to see more, make sure you're there in the morning.

They also had a dinosaur for some reason.

Walking through this zoo was really beautiful, there were so many trees and plants that it felt just like taking a stroll through a park. But if you come here, be aware that the zoo is huge~ 
Bring lots of water and snacks, as food stalls are only in some places.

Onto the main attraction: The pandas:

Just joking. Not yet.
This was inside the giant panda house. They really did their best to decorate it with as much panda pictures and figurines as possible.

Look at that huge bamboo in the middle of the room:

Taipei Zoo has two pandas, YuanYuan and TuanTuan.

This one here seems to be TuanTuan:

On the second floor of the panda hous they had a gift store, including various trinkets.

They had lots of interesting stuff there, like those umbrellas:

And, of course, lots~ of plushies.

Something reaally awesome that they sold there was this:
Plush toy postcards. Basically, the front sheet is fabric and when you pull that off, underneath are instructions on how to sew it. Which is adorable, you  send a postcard to someone and they can make a keychain out of it~ and they had so many to choose from!

When we went downstairs again to leave the panda house, we noticed that it was feeding time for the panda. But normally, it was not possible to get back into the panda viewing area after leaving...however one really nice security guard told us to go back in. Yay :D

Of course they also had a souvenir shop exclusively for panda stuff.

The next area we visited was the Rainforest animals area:

With lots of hippos~

Then we went onto the usual zoo animals: Elephants!
Those two seemed really bored though.

One area that I really liked was the birds area. You walked through two gates, and inside, the birds were flying around freely!

This one was just standing around on one of the food bowls they had placed alongside the walking path.

He really didn't care at all about people coming up to him and taking photos.

The next area was the reptile house, which was super crowded with way too many children (who also kept knocking on the glass and disturbing the animals)

Those two turtles were...uhm...let's say very busy.

This snake kept watching the people outside the window and kept sliding up on it, hissing.
One dad told his kid "look, it wants to play with you".
If play means, it probably wants to bite you, then yea, I guess so.

On the way to our next destination, the penguin house, we passed by the wolves.

Let's just say Taiwan has his very own Moon Moon.
Wolf Wolf.

Penguins~ they still had a teenage penguin with them :D

Something I really liked about Taipei zoo were the adorable information boards, that always included the names of the animals.


And some sleepy pigs~

That's it so far.
Hope you enjoyed my photospam of Taipei zoo.
Which one's your favourite animal? Please tell me in the comments below :D

Love, Lydia


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  2. oh wow, The pandas are so cute, and the other animals are also great. ^^

    1. right? :D i just love pandas, they always seem so adorable and dorky ^-^


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