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Taiwan Travel Diary #19: Modern Toilet in Ximen

Hey everyone~
Today i will tell you about a very...special restaurant here in Taipei.
Maybe you already guessed right from the photo above.
Let me introduce to you:

Modern Toilet

So usually I'd give you a description on how to get there but Ximending can be super confusing if you don't know your way around, even with a description.
I'd say the easiest way to get there is to just take the subway to Ximen station (blue line) and then take a Taxi. Otherwise you will probably get lost especially if it is your first time in Ximen.
Even i still get lost occasionally, even though i have been there quite a few times already.

So here's the address:
: 2F., No.7, Lane 50, Sining S. Rd., Wanhua District, Taipei City

Modern Toilets website also has a small map on how to find it, if you're walking there.
There's also another branch in Shilin. Apparantly the waiters wear bathrobes there, so i gotta pay a visit there too sometime.

The restaurant is on the 2nd and 3rd floor, and the staircase greets you with adorable poo drawings.
As well as a golden toilet.

The menu is in form of poo as well. Here are some photos of the english version:

The prices are alright, especially if you decide to get a set that includes a free drink and ice-cream.

I ordered a Sichuan spicy hotpot and it tasted really good.
Before i went i read a lot of reviews from other people saying that the food tastes horrible, but my hotpot was fine. A short warning though, it IS really spicy. Really, really spicy.
Which is exactly the flavour that i like so I was happy with my meal choice.

The free drink that you get with your set is either green tea or black tea (you can choose), and it's fully unsweetened so it might taste a bit bitter if you're not used to unsweetened tea.

Isn't the tiny star fishcake adorable?

Here are some photos of the interior. The tables have bowls with piles of platic poo underneath (very appetizing, yes)

You sit on actual toilets, which is pretty funny but not very comfortable.

It's quite difficult to find the actual restrooms there, since everything looks like a restroom.
(the actual restrooms are on the left side of the blue banner)

And to top off this very unique dining experience, here's a photo of our included dessert.
Chocolate ice-cream:

That's it for today, hopefully you enjoyed this post.
Have you ever been to a theme restaurant like this one? or would you like to go?
Tell me in the comments below

Love,  Lydia


  1. Adorable. I really like. Keep in touch, pls. Wish you happy week! Big kiss

  2. I think I'm going here at the end of July! Can't wait!

    { }

    1. ah too bad, i will still be in korea then. but i hope you have a lot of fun in taipei ^^

  3. never try that kind of restaurant, they does not exist in Indonesia :(
    But I wonder what will I do when i found it lol

  4. what a strangely awesome concept lydia haha. not sure whether it's appetising though..


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