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Taiwan Travel Diary #18: Ningxia nightmarket

Hey everyone~ this will be a really short blog post, but with lots of foodporn involved.
So a while a go, I visited Ningxia nightmarket, and there's lots of delicious food to try.
I didn't take too many photos since it was quite crowded, but let me tell you how to get there first:

Take the red line to Shuanglian Station.
Get out of exit #1
Head west down Minsheng road until you hit Ningxia road.
In case you can't find it, ask others for help . If you don't speak chinese just show them the chinese name above and they'll most likely will still help you find it ^^

Onto the food~

The first thing we ate were delicious steamed dumplings, only around 50NTD for a serving.
One thing that makes Ningxia quite special , even though it's one of the smaller nightmarkets in Taipei is the fact that almost all food stalls have seats available.
Yay for being able to sit down while enjoying your food!

The next snack we got was this fried baozi and wow was it delicious. As you can see by the model above, it has shrimps and eggs and more seafood inside instead of the usual meat filling.

Our next snack was not even Taiwanese, oops.

I really like Okonomiyyaki, and this one tasted great. 
We shared all the dishes to be able to try more, and this portion is perfect for two people.

Those are, unfortunately, already all the photos I took at Ningxia.
But here's some more foodporn, this time from Gongguan:

These pastries are usually pretty famous in Yilan, and so, so delicious.
Normally there's a long queue in front of this stall, but at the time I went there with my roommate we were lucky enough to not have to wait at all.

It's filled with spring onions and has a light peppery taste, super delicious snack!

We also got some Tapioca shaved ice there.
The shaved ice was actually vanilla flavoured, instead of the normal milk flavour which was a nice surprise.

That's it for today, sorry that this post is so short. Next time I visit Ningxia nightmarket I'll take more photos. Hope you enjoyed it.
Which snack looks the most delicious? Tell me in the comments below.

Love, Lydia


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