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Korea Trip #4: You Are Here

Hey everyone~
here's another blogpost about Korea for you guys ^-^ 
Todays topic is a cafe that many of you probably know already:

You Are Here Cafe


If you regularly watch Eat Your Kimchi's, or Talk to Me in Korean you probably know about this coffee shop already. Both of these teams of Youtubers opened the cafe together, and regularly hold events there as well. More about that later on~

如果你們常常看 Eat You Kimchi 還是 Talk To Me in Korean 的影片你們應該已經聽過這個咖啡店的名字。哪個兩個 Youtuber 都一起開設了這店咖啡店,所以在這裏有時候也有特別的活動。

How to get there:

As they helped design the interior and general ambience of the cafe, it's cute unique and you'll find their characters all over the place.
Like their pets at the painting next to the entrance:

When you walk inside, the baristas will usually greet you quite enthusiastically so don't get scared ~
Their menu is in English as well as in Korean, and the baristas all seem to understand English pretty well so if you don't speak any Korean, don't be afraid to go.
這裏工作的人都很好,而且平常也會說英。 會不會說中文我不知道哈哈。

click on the photo to enlarge it if you want to check out the menu ^^

While you wait for your order, take a look around the place. There's many small details that are simply adorable. Like this tiny wolverine!


If you're indecisive about which tea to get, there are some testers as well so you can which has the best scent.

The You are Here videobooth is also located on the first floor, opposite of the stairs.

They leave a question posted there every week, and if you want to, you can record yourself answering that question and they might put you in a video!
Which is what we
(around 3:50 or so)
我也參加了哈哈,3:50 開始:

Before I go on talking about how adorable the interior of the cafe is, here's a recommendation:
If you're travelling or studying in Korea by yourself and want to make friends, come to the language exchange at the Cafe.
It's every Monday and Wednesdays, starting from 7PM.
The host of the language exchange, Mark is super nice and will make sure you'll feel included.
I made so many friends there, whom I already miss very much.
It's also a good place for finding language exchange partners...if you want to. Since I just wanted to make friends, i didn't really practice much Korean there. Oops.
每個星期一,三晚上七點有語言交換 (Language Exchange)

So~ onto more photos of the cute interior!

They also sell the Talk to Me in Korean books at the cafe and some of EYKs merchandise, like those bear hats! (they're quite pricey though)
在那裏他們也賣 Talk to Me in Korean 的韓文書,也賣Eat Your Kimchi 的商品。

Onto the food and drinks that you can get there~


I honestly have to admit that I didn't try too many different drinks or cakes there, even though i visited at least 8 times, as I found my favourite already on our first visit:

May I introduce? The Nutella Milkshake~
Yes you did read that correctly. Nutella.
Doesn't that sound like the most delicious milkshake ever?
And it actually is! The milkshakes at the cafe are seriously the best milkshakes I ever tried, and Nutella just makes for the best flavour.
對,能多益。 真的能多益。


Oreo milkshakes are awesome too, and peanut butter sometimes too. What I'm trying to say is Nutella and Oreo milkshakes were great every time we ordered them, while peanut butter was amazing one time but just ok-ish the other time. Green Tea tastes good as well.

Onto the cakes~
First, the rainbow roll:

Tbh I'm not a huge fan of the cakes there (or cakes in Korea in general tbh). They're really expensive.
The rainbow roll was mostly good, but still not worth the price (6-7.000won)
The Oreo cake was not good at all.

So for the end of the post, have a photo of me holding the photogenetic, but not that delicious rainbow cake:

All in all, I really recommend this place, even if just for the milkshakes.
Or the language exchange.
Or the video booth.
Or just as a general nice cafe for studying.

That's it for today~ ^-^
Hope you enjoyed this post.
Would you like to visit this cafe, or did you ever visit it?
Please tell me your thoughts in the comments below :D

你們去過嗎 還是想去嗎

Love, Lydia


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