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Taiwan Travel Diary #23: Raohe nightmarket

Hey everyone~ back with another Taiwan blog post.
It has taken me quite a while to visit Raohe nightmarket, which is one of the most famous nightmarkets in Taipei. I finally did that in most of these photos are quite old.

How to get there:

Take Green Line (#3) to Songshan station
Get out of exit 5.
There you are.

Raohe is a nightmarket that's perfect for foodies.
There's basically only food.
No unnecessary clothing or accessory stalls, only food.
And a few places for massages.

There's quite a few juice stalls at Raohe so get a refreshing drink before you explore the nightmarket thouroughly. My favourite juice is usually plain watermelon juice.

One of my favourite snacks was this tiny bread thingy:

This stall is right at the entrance to Raohe nightmarket, and they have quite a few different flavours.
I got the sesame one, super delicious!

Another special discovery: Tapioka Custard Wheelcakes!
You'll find those delicious little cakes in every night market, but i have never seen ones that had tapioka before.
Unfortunately, except for 3 tiny Tapioka pearls they weren't any special, nor very delicious.

Something super special, that I haven't got to try yet:
 Cactus juice!
I wonder how that tastes like

Jelly that looks like popsicles. 
I was slightly disappointed when I found out it wasn't popsicles.


My favourite thing to buy at Raohe is simple, yet delicious:
Grilled mushrooms.

You get to choose between quite a few flavours, I usually pick the pepper& fresh lemon one.

A small box costs 50NTD, a big one 80.

Those are all photos of Raohe nightmarket so far.
Hope you enjoyed this post~
which food would you like to try the most? Please tell me in the comments below!

Love, Lydia


  1. Omg, all your pictures! I want to go to Taiwan so badly... and omg. Is that a real live praying mantis?! o____o;
    Junniku blog!

    1. come here if you get a chance to :D
      and yes it is~ i find them quite fascinating, had one on my hand when i was in china too (that was before i got to know they actually bite. oops.) out of all the 'special' insects in taiwan, they're the ones you need to worry least about. they just do their thing and don't care much about people xD

  2. Ahh how fun!! Your pictures may be from June but they're so, so good! I wanted to ask you why you're in Taiwan, as opposed to Japan or Korea! I was going to ask you this in the reply on my blog, but I wanted to make sure you saw it ^.^ And oh my god, that dinosaur is SO cute ._.

    1. ah oh my gosh!! i just fangirled a little when i saw your commentl i love your blog :D
      i'm studying here for a year as i'm majoring in China studies, chose Taiwan because i already went to china before and wanted to see what Taiwan was like ^^ so japan and korea weren't really options for my year abroad :D
      and thanks so much for the lovely compliment, i'll try to work hard on my photos to improve them even more (^-^)
      thank you~~~


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