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Taiwan Travel Diary #24: Taipei LGBT Pride 2015 台灣同志遊行

Hey everyone~
I'm finally back to blogging!
The past few weeks have been very busy so I haven't really gotten the time to sit down and write about my experiences here. I really need to get myself to blog a lot more~

So todays post will be a more recent one, about this years LGBT Pride at Taipei last Saturday.
Taipei celebrates Pride since 2003, and hosts Asias largest LGBT Pride.
This year had the most attendees so far, with 78,000 people attending.

Yes, almost 80,000 people were walking along the streets of Taipei last Saturday, displaying rainbows everywhere. If you live in a big city, those numbers might not sound like that much to you, but for me, that's amazing. The city I live in back in Germany doesn't even have it's own pride, yet alone such a big one! This year in Taipei has been the first time for me to attend an actual Pride, including walking with everyone.

I even made my own rainbow T-Shirt to go along with it (as I have no ideawhere to buy such items in Taipei)

Back to the pride:
I arrived around 12.30, as the parade would start at 2PM so that I would have some time to look around and take photos.
Not even 10 minutes after arriving I already had found the cutest pride attendant, no competition needed.

A Super-Shinu!
I saw so many cute dogs that day (of whom I mostly didn't manage to take photos of unfortunately) that I felt very, very happy.

I  also got free coffee, which was nice as I had barely slept the night before (being too excited for something isn't always that good)

There were several information booths of different organizations or stores set up.

Also the 'plants in your hair' trend slowly starts taking over Taiwan.

Onto a very important part of Pride:
As this years pride was held on Halloween, obviously there were many great costumes to be seen.
Like this fantastic Pokemon group.

Best Pikachu.

 There was a pink panther too, who we later saw running away from a few dogs.

Another highlight (for me): 
I finally got a chance to see Mr.Rich's CEO and former member of the awesome group Misster!

She's really really cool, and also tiny and adorable. I even got to take photos with her!

Also there were bubbles everywhere, which was nice.

Onto more photos of the parade~

British people showed their support too!

Before I end this photospam, here have a few photos of what might be the worlds best Sailor Moon group.

Hope you enjoyed this post!
The pride was really amazing and people were all super friendly. If you visit Taipei during Pride, make sure to go and show some support! You won't regret it.

Did you ever go to Taipeis Pride before, or any others? How was your experience?
Judging by there photos, would you like to go?
Tell me your opinion in the comments below!

Love, Lydia


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