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Korea Trip #5: Bukchon Hanok village

Hey everyone~
finally I get around to wrtiting another blog post about my trip to Korea this summer.

On a nice, sunny tuesday afternoon, Jenny and I decided to head over to Bukchon Hanok village to take a few photos.
But first, Coffee.

One of the things I loved most about Seoul was the abundance of cute, small coffee shops.
You'll always find one, and they're always adorable.
So since it was really, really hot that day and we were quite tired, we got some refreshing iced coffee first.

The coffee shop was very small, but cute, and my iced vanilla latte was delicious.

Another great thing about Korea: 
People don't look at you like you're crazy when you walk around, holding your coffee up and snapping photos of it.

How to get there:
Take Line #3 to Anguk station
Get out of Exit 2
Go straight for a few minutes, you'll spot the Hanok buildings on both sides of the streets

As we went on a Tuesday, the Hanok village was quite empty, almost no other tourists to be seen.
Which was perfect for taking photos.

Even though I visited the Hanok village before, I'm always impressed by how pretty the architecture looks.
Imagine living in one of the houses there!
But then again, you have to deal with obnoxiously loud tourists snapping pictures in front of your door all the time. Might not be the perfect place to live after all.

We got slightly lost, and ended up just walking over to Samcheongdong.
Saw many interesting stores and cafes on the way there.

While walking around, we saw five Korean girls in pretty Hanboks, taking photos.
While awkwardly standing around we tried to muster up enough courage to ask if we could take a photo of them, as their Hanboks were really pretty.

We ended up taking photos together! They were super friendly.

We spotted a tiny shop selling these tiny Cacti? Plural of Cactus?
Anyways, they looked adorable, were in tiny pots that you could stick onto anything and had messages that you could stick onto the pots as well. Absolutely cute, so we got three of them.


That's it so far, hope you enjoyed this kinda big photospam.
Did you ever visit a Hanok village, and if so, which one?
Would you like to go?

Love, Lydia


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