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Why Korea is awesome: Supermarkets

I know this sounds very random.
But supermarkets in Korea are really~ interesting.
During the time I stayed there, there were about 2-3 days where it was raining.
And rain in Korea means rain for 24 hours nonstop T^T
So I was stuck in the guesthouse, not really knowing what to do.
The owner of the guesthouse where I was staying were super nice, and since they had to go out for grocery shopping they asked me if I wanted to come along. Since I had nothing else to do anyways, I agreed to go to  the Homeplus at the Worldcup stadium with them.
Just going grocery shopping sounds boring, but actually I really~ like to explore supermarkets when I'm abroad. All the interesting snacks you can buy... *-*

Well-known snacks like Tacos and Doritos~

Angry birds snack.

빼빼로 *Q*

Really famous brownies that are really expensive and don't taste that different from other brownies .

Those were huge~ who would need this much? xD

Also cute things like..

Adorable fishies.

뽀로로 drink~ 

Lots of 라면 of course.

Expensive spam. I still don't get why Korea gets so crazy over spam @.@

Aisle of spicy yummyness~


Lots of rice :o

The amount of Yakult and yoghurt/milk drinks they have is quite impressing.

Laughing cow.

Expensive fruits. The prices still amaze me, how can fruits be so expensive? ;_;

Korean supermarkets are not that different from those in Germany.
However, one thing I really like about them is that you can try so much food there.
New pastries in that corner, grilled meat over there.
It's nice just strolling through the supermarket and actually being able to try things before you buy them.

Also, Homeplus sells a lot of stuff you probably won't find in the supermarkets here.

Like clocks.
Cute clocks.

(cute expensive clocks)

Or different, cute pillows. 

They also have small cosmetics stalls inside of Homeplus.

And another difference:
Celebrities promoting stuff

Almost bought more banana milk because of Wonbin.

That's it for my random photo spam of the day~
I would have preferred to blog about my experiences in Asia in a diary style, but there were so many days where I barely did anything that it would be very boring. That's why those blog posts are like this ^^

Thanks for reading, I would appreciate if you would leave a comment below :D


  1. I love visiting home plus and E-mart when I'm in Korea, especially the snack corner and the makeup corner. I want to eat Korean snacks after looking at your post~

    1. Yes, the snack corner is the best x3
      I didn't go into the makeup corner as I was mostly following the guesthouse owners around but the snack corner is just love~ so many things I wanted to try~

  2. Omgg, snacks! I love! Everything looks delicious! Kim Woobin (or is that Wonbin? ha?) makes me want to drink banana milk everyday, all day. GAWD HE'S SO HOT.

    Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

    1. Right? It was so difficult to choose only some :o I wanted to try everything~ In the end, I only bought a ddeokbbeogi and a sweet potato snack TT
      I'm not sure, everyone writes Wonbin so I think it's Wonbin? But yes~~ x3 i really really wanted to buy that pack of banana milk just because of his face xD Koreans really do advertisements right~

    2. oh no wait i think it's actually woobin? i don't know..xD

  3. I love korean junk food! Especially hi-chews! Your blog is super cuteee.

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog


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