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Essence Nail Candies #Oh Lolli Lollipop Review

Hey everyone~
Today you'll be seeing something new...
something that I never posted on this Blog before....

Nail polish.
I normally never post reviews of nail polish, simply because I never use any. My nails are very thin and break easily, and I work part-time at a factory, doing lots of work with my hands so usually, my nails break off and look super short and ugly. Which is why I try not to make them stand out more through applying nail polish. I use clear nail polish at most.
Then I saw this right here:

Essence 6 in 1 nail candies
Colour: Oh Lolli Lollipop
Price: 1,79€
Amount: 8ml

Looks like a normal, light pink nail polish right?
But says "beautifying nail polish"...?
And 6 in 1 too...

So this is what it claims it does:

click for larger picture

"softly shimmering nail candies with 6 benefits for beautiful, manicured nails: hardening, protecting, filling, fast drying and fruity scented with a high gloss finish"

Sounds good, doesn't it? When I read this, I decided to buy it, since my nails could really use some hardening and protecting nail polish. And the colour seems very subtle, not too much standing out.

excuse my ugly finger and the not-so-perfect focus of my camera ;-;

As you can see, the colour is barely visible. What it mostly does is make your nails seem naturally prettier. Since mine are so thin, they usually look horrible. Applying one layer of this nail polish makes my nails seem more pink-ish and feminine, just prettier in a very natural way.
If you want the colour to be really visible, you need to apply at least 2-3 layers, so I'd say this nail polish is something for those who prefer natural nails over painted ones.

About those "6 in 1" effects..
Protecting - definitely yes, since one layer of nail polish always helps protect my nails a bit
Hardening- I think so, but I might as well just imagine that my nails became a tiny bit more sturdy.
filling- Don't know yet.
fast drying- Nope. Take your time after applying, it tends to still be sticky and not completely hardened after 5 minutes.
fruity scented - I don't think so, I couldn't smell anything
high gloss finish - yes , it finishes kind of glossy...but not too much.

Hope you guys enjoyed this review :D
Did you hear of the brand Essence before? They're quite well-known in Germany, because it's the cheapest brand out there and the quality is quite good for that price ^-^
Do they even sell it in other countries? D:
Tell me, I'm curious ! ^-^


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