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Skinfood Real Fresh Multi Juice #4 Review

I'm back ~

I haven't uploaded anything for months, I know. And I'm terribly sorry about that ;-;
There are 2 resons why I didn't really update this blog:

1: I finally started University, yay :D My Major is East-Asia Studies, focusing on China, and my Minor is English Studies. I've spent the past year mostly with studying Chinese...which meant that I almost had zero free time. Studying Chinese iss really time consuming, we had homework every day and tests every friday. Not to mention that all homework counted into our final grade.
I barely had time for anything.
Which leads to reason number 2:
My old laptop sucked.
I got that laptop about 7 years ago for my birthday, but back then my parents didn't buy a new one, they got one that a colleague of my dad was about to throw away. So basically they got me trash for my birthday ^^'' And since that laptop was already not really good to begin with, with the years it got worse and worse. It took me at least one hour to upload maybe 5 photos, because it kept crashing or freezing the screen. And since I was so busy with university, I didn't have the patience to spend that much time waiting for my laptop to restart because it couldn't handle uploading a few photos.
But, I got a new laptop now :D
So I can blog again, yay! 

(And I can finally try editing photos, which I could never do before, so stay tuned for my super belated travel posts )

Today, as my coming back post, I'm gonna review something I got while I was in Korea last year. Back then, Skinfood's Jungle fruits line just came out and the whole store was jungle themed :D
             I went into the store mostly looking for lip products, and then I saw this gem:

Price: 4,000 Won (~3,70€)
Amount: 3,3g
Colour: #4

As you can see, you can use this product everywhere~ 
I personally only use it on my eyes and sometimes lips. I'm not using blushes very often, and this colour looks way~ too unnatural for me to use as a blush. I'm sure the other colours will work fine though.

This colour is so strong.
                                                                  I mean look at this.
You just need a tiny little bit of colour and it will still be super pigmented.

Just a tiny bit of colour on the back of my hand...

Wiped over it once...

And after completely spreading it. It's really amazing how pigmented the colour is. 
If you're not into neon colours on your face, I would recommend to just dab a little(!) bit onto the back of your hand, then tap your finger on it and only then putting the colour on your face. Otherwise it won't look very natural since the colour is so strong.

This is how much colour actually is in the bottle...they're quite the cheaters, it's less than I thought it would be, but since the colour is so pigmented it's still fine~

So here's what it looks like when applied:

on the lips~

                                          as eyeshadow~

                as blush~ ( I didn't apply much because I was afraid I'd end up looking like a clown)

                          That's it. Here's a derpy picture of me with the multi juice applied everywhere~
                                                I really need to practice taking proper Selca.
                                                          Do you have any tips for me? ^-^


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