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Skinfood Lettuce & Cucumber Toner Review

Hey everyone~Here's another review for you all ^-^I've got lots of stuff that I still have to review (especially all the things I bought in Korea last year), so since I don't want to spam you with travel posts (of which I still have many to write), I'll try to keep a balance between Skincare stuff and Travel posts. Right now i'm a tiny bit busy so I haven't had time to edit all the photos of my Asia trip yet. Which is why today you'll see a review of a Skincare product instead. Yay or Nay? :D

Price: Between 7 and 10€ on EbayAmount: 135mlSo I bought this because I couldn't buy a toner in Korea and I really needed one. Why, you might ask? luggage was over the weight limit already when I came to Korea, so I had to stick to lightweight things and Toners in glass bottles are kinda heavy. T^T So I ordered this one from Ebay.

The ingredients list is only in Korean, so if you particularly care about those you might need to use a translator.It says "A Moisture toner with lettuce and cucumber extracts that promotes clean, pure skin"Which is exactly what I need. My skin is not oily at all, but tends to get a few dry areas and is really sensitive.I'm a little bit upset though that the only item that seemed suitable was this one.Compared to all the other cool skincare lines from Skinfood, Lettuce and Cucumber just kind of sounds really...boring. T^T It doesn't look as cool as their other skincare lines either.

I still love how detailed all of Skinfood's product packaging is. Look at that lettuce and cucumber on the bottle :DBy the way, it actually smells like cucumber. If you don't like that smell, beware.I happen to really like cucumber (it's so refreshing to eat in summer), so it's alright for me.

The texture is like any other toner, very watery and not that thick.It easily soaks into your skin and feels very lightweight, not sticky at all.So far, I haven't noticed many changes in my skin condition since I've started using it (already used up half of the bottle now). I only get pimples when I'm on my period (you girls know that problem, right? ;-;) and my skin still feels dry sometimes, but I guess to actually give your skin moisture you'd need to use something stronger than just a toner. This one feels refreshing to apply in the morning, and it prepares my skin for the next steps. And it didn't break me out, even though my skin does that quickly with new products, so yay :DDo you use Skinfood products too? Which ones would you recommend, or which ones would you like to try? :D


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