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Taiwan Travel Diary #3: more food and Disney's 90th anniversary exhibition

Hey everyone~

I'm back with another blog post ^-^
Or, to be more accurate: a photospam.

I haven't done much the past two days, just been trying to save money as getting settled here is quite expensive after all. But sometimes I just can't resist buying delicious drinks like the lemonade-thingy above. They're only 40NTD (around 1€) .. ;-;

This was my dinner on Monday~ Rice with corn, bulgogi and tofu in the school canteen.

On Tuesday, we woke up quite early to visit Disney's 90th anniversary exhibition at the Songshan Culture&Creative park. Wednesday would be the last day of the exhibition, so we definitely had to go. I had this super delicious strawberry cream bread for breakfast, since there are no cool bakeries on Yangminshan, so I always have to use the opportunity to get something from a bakery when I'm in the city.

The area around the park looked amazing, it was like walking right through a jungle.

They also had this at the entrance. It was supposed to be interactive, but we had no idea how it was supposed to work.
Hi from Taipei~

There was a long~ line outside, and it was quite hot on that day. The weather here can be really weird, because today (Wednesday) was super cold again. And I even brought my thickest winter coat with me to the exhibition because we thought it would be quite cold again. Big mistake, my arm hurt afterwards from carrying it as it's kinda heavy.

Mickey greeted us right after the entrance.

So, first of all: It was way too crowded there. Too many people, and way too many kids running around without any supervision. Somehow I have never been as annoyed by kids than i'm in Taipei...the parents here just let them do whatever they want. Kicking an adult into their legs? Just laugh at the kid and then cuddle it, acting as if it just did something funny. There's a Queue in front of a figurine with which people want to to take photos with? No problem kid, we'll just cut in and get you right to the front! It was quite annoying really..

Other than that, the exhibition didn't have too many informative parts. Which was okay, as they were in Chinese anyway and my reading skills are not that good yet.

The first area was dedicated to all the disney classics.

They also had a history on the Disneyland theme parks all over the world.
I didn't know they had opened the first one already in 1955.

And apparantly, the exhibition included everything that Disney has connections with.
Including Pixar.

And Marvel:

They had figurines of all the Avengers on Display:

And a lifesize Iron Man:

And some Star Wars stuff:

An area for Disney channel~

And quite a few sculptures to take photos with:

excuse my non-happy face. there were kids pushing against me and running into me all the time .-.

And an area entirely in Black and White for the first Disney cartoon, "Steamboat  Willie":

And obviously, a corner fully reserved for Frozen.
Actually I'd say this was one of the most interesting areas, as they displayed lots of concept art and drawings there.

Afterwards, there was an area reserved for the Disney princesses. Including the golden horse carriage of Cinderella, Olaf (?!) and a few dresses designed with one of the princesses each in mind, which were stunningly gorgeous.

And after that, there was my favourite area:
Big Hero 6!!

Big Hero 6 is one of my favourite movies, and I can only recommend watching it if you haven't yet. It's adorable, funny, sad and interesting all at the same time.

And the main character...uh..robot, is the most loveable character you'll ever see:

"I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion:"
I obviously had to take a photo with him.

And another one:

For some movies, they only had a few posters up. Too bad, I would have loved to see some more Brave or Ratatouille in there.

They also had quite the spacious area reserved for Monsters University.

One could take photos with Mike, or with Sullivan. I only queued for Sulli.

Hi~ that's also my OOTD, i really wanted to wear my Mickey and Minnie Sweater to the exhibition :D
Then they had an area for Toy Story:

And for Cars:

And that's it already. There was a big area full with merchandise, including a super cute Big Hero 6 snapback or a backpack...but everything was way too expensive for my budget. (Think ~30€ for that snapback...and about 60€ for the backpack)

Once outside we noticed that they also had a Dragonball Z exhibition going on.
I never watched it (i was more of a Inu Yasha and Naruto kid), but for those of you who are interested, it's open until April.

They also have a Snoopy exhibition going on.

Some small detail that i absolutely love: the cars outside that sold snacks and drinks were actually designed after the movie "Cars"! :D

The scenery outside was super gorgeous too:

We decided to head over to Taipei 101 , since I had never been there and we wanted to get some rest and shaved ice.

Joke's on us, there is no shaved ice in Taipei 101's foodcourt. So we went somewhere else to find Ice Monster and got some Strawberry shaved ice.

That portion was huge so we shared it. It was about 240 NTD (~6,50€) so not too expensive for each of us. And we really needed that refreshing ice. It had strawberry sorbet and fresh strawberries in it too...and Panna Cotta. I don't get why they always add that to shaved ice here though, it does not really taste that good in combination.
Afterwards we headed to Miramar to go to Carrefour and get dinner at a food court there.


My dinner, red braised fish with rice and a small hotpot (mostly cabbage)
NTD 170 (around 5-6€)
The foodcourt there is pretty cool, and they have lots of inexpensive options to choose from too.

So that's what I have been doing the last few days ^-^ 
I hope you enjoyed my Disney photospam, and let me know if there's anything specific that you want me to write about.

Love, Lydia


  1. This post is awesome! I wish I was there!! Loved your blog, I just followed :D Would you like to follow back?? XOXO

    1. aww thank you :D
      sure I'll follow back ^-^

  2. That icecream is soooo delicious! *-----* Great photos dear!

    1. yea it is x3 can't wait until it's really summer and i can eat icecream all day :D
      thank you x3

  3. You can also go to Le Petit Prince exhibition, if you like Le Petit Prince

  4. Looks like so much fun!
    xx Elle - Swedish Fashion Blogger and Model in TOKYO

    1. it really was a lot of fun too :D

  5. woooww.. so fun! thanks for sharing this. I wish I could go on vacation to taiwan too.

    1. thank you :D I'm actually staying here for a year to study ^-^


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