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Taiwan Travel Diary #6: More foodporn (Beitou, Danshui and a Pizza Buffet)

Hey everyone~ I'm really late with posting this, but I haven't done much the past week as I'm trying to save money right now (thanks, weak Euro..) so I didn't want to post everything right away.
Last sunday, I met up with two korean classmates to explore Beitou and Danshui. We didn't really plan that well, so we mostly just got out of the subway stations, walked around and tried all~the foods. Or, as much as possible at least.
Our first stop was Beitou, where we went for something sweet first~

Super sweet, yummy pancakes filled with either red bean paste or custard.

They were freshly made, right on the spot so when we got them, they were still really hot.
I ended up burning myself when I bit into it and some of the custard spilled onto my fingers. Ouch.

We also bought some fried chicken and sweet potato fries in Beitou, as well as really cheap watermelon juice (only 40NTD for 600ml!) but all of that was empty before I remembered to take a photo of it.
Our next stop was Danshui.

Danshui is really beautiful, and i will definitely quickly return there. We mostly walked around and looked at all the street food stalls.

There was also some sort of museum for weird things that looked quite interesting, but it was a sunday and thus super crowded. Next time I'll probably go and take a look at it.

There were also quite a few shops selling phone cases, socks or various other accessories. 

The first thing we bought in Danshui was bought at this small grill stall.
We always only bought one of each, and then shared it so that we could try many different things.
This stall also sold the famous Small Sausage wrapped in big sausage (sausage in a rice bun) but we didn't manage to try that in the end.

We got spring onions, wrapped in bacon, then grilled, with a peanut based sauce and sesame seeds on top of it.

I didn't like it that much. The outer part was delicious, but the inside was only spring onions and chewing on a bunch of spring onions was a bit weird.

We bought dessert right afterwards:

I heard about this one a lot before, and it sounded amazing~
A thin Crêpe, with shaved peanut candy and ice in it.
And oh my god was it delicious! Can't wait to eat that more often, it's really good!

Those tiger heads are actually backpacks

The next photos are just random meals I had, as I didn't really do much the past week.

On wednesday i spontaneously went to a Pizza buffet with a korean classmate of mine and her taiwanese friends. Yes you read that right. Pizza. Buffet. All you can eat pizza.
It costs almost 400 NTD per person, which is quite expensive, but you get more than just pizza there.
Like salads. And softdrinks that are all you can drink as well.

And fries. And fried chicken.

And Pasta. 

What I really liked about this place is that instead of makind all the pizza beforehand and then having it on a buffet, where it's already lukewarm or cold when you get it, they made a new pizza every few minutes and then a waiter walked around with it, asking each table how many slices they wanted. Same for the fried chicken and fries. Everything we got was still warm and sooo tasty~

Also they had weird pizza. Like Takoyaki pizza. And Cappuccino pizza.
Which tasted like warm cake with cappuccino cream on top. Sounds weird but really yummy~

Since I'm trying to budget as much as I can, I mostly eat at the school canteen.
On Thursday i found out about a buffet style place in the canteen that i hadn't seen before. All the vegetables and meat is paid for by weight, and then afterwards you can add as much rice to it as you want. You also get free soup too.

Ramen for dinner~

Something I was really happy about: Manjoo~
Those are sweet and filled with custard, and are made fresh so that they're still warm when you eat them. I didn't expect to find them here, as I ate them almost every day when i was in Korea :D

I'm used to eating something sweet for breakfast (I always ate bread slices or toast with Nutella in Germany) so i usually get those pancakes here.
They're filled with strawberry and white chocolate cream~

Bibimbab for dinner~
(Bibimbab here is not spicy at all. And includes corn for some reason)

My newest addiction:
Sweet potato fries

And sometimes I just gotta treat myself to fruits, since they're so fresh and delicious here.

I hope you didn't read this with an empty tummy :P
How did you like my photospam? too many food photos?
Please tell me your thoughts in the comments below ^-^
If you know any of the Chinese names for any of the things shown here, please tell me so :D



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  2. Oh very gorgeous pics
    The food look delicious


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