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Taiwan Travel Diary #2: Foodporn and a 八三夭 831 concert

cherry blossoms on college campus

Hey everyone~ I'm back with another post about my life in Taiwan ^-^
Which mostly consists of food, since I didn't do much yet.

So on Thursday we went to Taipei Main Station underground mall for some shopping, but before that we stopped by Dongmen to get some shaved ice~

We actually ordered two portions of this accidentally and it was waaay too much for one person.
By the end of the meal I was shivering and really cold.
It was super delicious, and only 190 NTD (about 5€) though.
One thing I gotta complain about though: Smoothie House somehow has a Doraemon theme, which you can see on the table design as well. However...somehow they thought if they had a Doraemon theme, it would be a good idea to play the Doraemon theme song constantly. There were only like 2 other songs that were played, other than that it was only the theme song in different variations. By the end of our meal, we were so sick of that song. Which is sad, because originally it's really cute.

view of Taipei 101 at the end of the street
Afterwards we headed to Taipei Main Station and split up. I went to the underground mall that I had seen before on Tuesday and tried to search for a warm jacket to wear. While it's quite warm during the day, evenings tend to get cold here with lots of wind, especially on our university campus.
I didn't manage to find one ;-; They didn't have much clothes there...mostly just stores with random stuff or Anime figurines. Which would have been cool to look at, if it hadn't been so crowded. I feel like no matter where in Taipei you go, it will always be crowded with old people and small kids, even if there's nothing of interest for them there.  And said kids tend to run around with almost no supervision, so you gotta watch every single step of yours.
Out of frustration I ended up buying a few things at Etude House. I'll show them to you in another post ^-^
We ate dinner in the food court below a shopping mall next to Taipei main station.

Their Bibimbab was pretty big, and only 160NTD (4€). It tasted just fine, but Kimchi here in Taiwan tastes a lot more sour and less spicy than I'm used to.

Saturday was spent on Campus, as I was really tired from walking around so much during the week.
We ate dinner at one of the small restaurants in our university's canteen, and oh my god was it delicious!

Chicken cutlet with vegetables, tofu, egg and rice on a hot stone. Only 90NTD! (2,20€)

Today, we woke up quite early to head over to Ximending for a concert. But before that, we got some delicious (and pricey) breakfast.

Fruit Ice Tea (60NTD) (1,50€)

Waffles with cream (originally waffles and ice-cream + fruits .-. they were out of ice cream)

Afterwards we headed over to Ximen to see a band called 

                                               八三夭 (831)

and they were absolutely amazing! I only listened to their songs for the first time yesterday night, but they're really great and their stage presence is amazing. They really rocked that stage!

Their bass player somehow always looked quite sad and pouting.

While their singer was pretty much partying on stage.

It was a lot of fun for sure!

Because it's the end of lunar new year, they threw Tangyuan into the crowd. And they threw it pretty hard, I'm glad i didn't get hit by one xD

After their concert, they even held a fansigning right there. We bought albums and got in line, and waiting there was definitely worth it. They were super nice, gave us all handshakes and were quite surprised when they saw me (i think every other fan was taiwanese, i didn't see any foreigners there).
When I told them I was from Germany, one of them (the bass player) even said "oh? Guten Morgen!"..I definitely did not expect that :D
And somehow, we got interviewed right after the fansigning. We were asked to explain what "passion" is to us. I had no idea how to explain that in my own language, let alone in Chinese. After some stuttering, they gave up on us. Whoops.

I took a photo in front of their tour bus as well ^^

Afterwards we walked through Ximending for a while and searched for a place to eat dinner at.
There were quite a few street performers, but almost no street musicians.

Today was a really awesome day.
What do you think? Tell me your opinions ^^ Are the diary posts getting boring, or do you want more? :D
I'll try to keep you all updated.



  1. Definitely more!! It's very interesting! :D
    I wish our university canteen made such delicious food as yours in Taiwan. I'm really jealous. XD
    The waffles look great too.. omg i'm getting hungry here. xD

    1. thank you~ :D
      yea same, i'm really gonna miss this when i gotta head back to germany D:
      sorry not sorry~ :P

  2. So stunning photos!! Food seems so yummy!! ^-^

    1. aww thank you ! :D and yea the food is really delicious ^-^

  3. These picture look wonderful! especially the food ^^ I haven't had food like this in so long, especially the bibbimpap

    1. thank you :D the food is really delicious here ^-^


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