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Taiwan Travel Diary #28 : ATT4Fun aka Wonderland adventures

xinyi taipei att4fun alice in wonderland white rabbit photo

Ever wanted to feel like Alice in Wonderland? Look no further ahead! You can do that right after visiting Taipei 101!

alice in wonderland disney att4fun taipei taiwan

If you lived here for a bit, I'm sure you heard of ATT4Fun.
Nightclubs, lots of shopping, the only Forever21 branch in Taipei and an official Ghibli store, you can find all of that right there!
But most importantly, the 4th floor that is home to many cafés and restaurants just looks adorable!

alice in wonderland white rabbit photo taipei taiwan mall

xinyi taipei alice in wonderland taiwan cute

You'll find the famous white rabbit everywhere

att4fun theme mall disney white rabbit

huge rabbit cute xinyi taipei taiwan att4fun alice disney

The area is seperated into two parts, Midnight and Afternoon Tea.
Both are gorgeous, but look very different.

cute place cafe taipei taiwan alice disney xinyi 101

The entrance to the midnight area has Alice in Wonderland animations being projected onto mist in the air, which looks amazing! Don't forget to look up when going through here!

pretty mall date taipei taiwan 101 xinyi

Generally speaking, the midnight area tends to be more gorgeous and beautiful, while the afternoon area looks cuter.

pretty mall shopping date taipei xinyi taiwan

But both have lots of places perfect for taking photos!

photo mall cute taipei taiwan japanese style photoshoot att4fun

There's a greek restaurant there too, which I heard is quite good (haven't tried it yet though)

Now onto the afternoon area:

cute dessert cafe taipei taiwan

Doesn't this place look super adorable?
And every hour, the lights change colours too!

cute tea cafe taiwan disney dessert

taipei taiwan dessert cute adorable cake disney

There's quite a few dessert places in this area, including ice-cream filled Taiyaki at Humpty Dumpty

My favourite place to eat at is called Cheese Papa

dessert cafe ice-cream xinyi taiwan

Why you might ask? Because unlike most other restaurants and cafés in this (or any ohter shopping mall in Xiny), it's cheap!

dessert cafe xinyi taiwan totoro cute

They have lots of affordable Sets for one or two people.
I usually choose a waffle set that includes soft-serve ice-cream, a drink and waffles, for only 200NTD. And let me tell you, unless you're super hungry you can easily share this set with another person because those waffles are huge!

waffles cafe dessert set meal cheap taiwan taipei cheese papa

My favourite part of the set meal is always the ice-cream though, it's really really good and I might come back just for the ice-cream soon...but with the recent cold temperatures in Taipei, I'm not too sure about when.

ice-cream taiwan cheap affordable cute cafe cheese papa

Another great thing about their set meals:

matcha drink dessert cafe cheap taiwan cheese papa

You can basically choose any of their drinks from the menu instead of the usual black tea/green tea choice that you normally get when ordering a meal set somewhere! I tried their red bean Matcha drink, and their Mango strawberry milkshake. Both were great.

dessert waffle set cheap affordable taiwan strawberry cheese papa

That's it for today, hope you enjoyed this relatively short blog post and got some ideas for cute places to visit around Taipei! 

Love, Lydia

rabbit cute figure taiwan adorable cafe


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