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Korea Trip #7: Common Ground Mall and Children's Grand park

 Finally, another post about my adventures in Korea!...that were half a year ago. I'm so sorry.
Today I'll tell you about two places that both were a lot of fun, which I visited with one of my Korean classmates in Taiwan.

The first place is called Common Ground Mall, and it's a relatively new mall that seemed to just have opened recently when we went as there were sales everywhere, and parts of it were still empty.

As we were on the hunt for lunch, we went up to the second floor which lead you to an outside section, where all the restaurants were located. Most offered western food, but we found one that had Korean food.

This is what I ordered, and for 6.000, it's not more expensive than eating somewhere else. I always expect food in malls to be expensive, but that's really not usually the case.

The rest of the mall mainly consisted of expensive clothing shops, but also a cafe and a cute store that sold flowers as well as juice.

As it was a hot summer day, obviously we had to get some Seolbing for dessert!
Seolbing is everywhere in Seoul right now, and I hope it stays that way. Nothing more convenient than always easily being able to fix your Bingsu cravings!

Afterwards we headed to the Children's Grand park, which has its own subway station on Line 7 (Exit 1)

I loved that place! It has so many pretty, relaxing places where people gather, eat together, talk or play games.

There's quite a few cool statues too.

And even a zoo! All free entry, it's amazing and great for kids.

They had the most adorable animals there, but a lot of the Koreans there seemed to be quite wary. There was a small pony and everyone was afraid to touch it which was weird.

If you have a spare day in Seoul and nothing to do, I'd definitely recommend checking out this park or the mall, both are fun places to explore.

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Have you ever visited any of those places, or would you like to do so? Tell me in the comments below!

Love, Lydia


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