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A weekend in Hong Kong: Day 2, Disneyland (Part 1)

Welcome back to my adventures in Hong Kong!
My second day there was entirely spent at Disneyland.  Tickets were only around 50 Dollars, while a year pass was just a bit more than 100 Dollars, which explains why every person in Hong Kong that i know has a year pass.

Getting to Hong Kong Disneyland was super easy, it's directly connected to the subway.
Just take the subway to Sunny Bay station. 
When you arrive there, transfer to the Disney line that only takes a few minutes to transport you to the main entrance.
There are other options (bus, taxi) but the MRT is definitely the most adorable one.

Before going through the gates, there's a pretty fountain with a surfing Mickey Mouse. A popular spot for photos.

As it was my first proper visit to Disneyland (Paris as a 4 year old doesn't count), I might have teared up a bit when entering the park. They played Disney music through speakers, and everyone looked so, so happy.

The first area you'll step into is Main Street USA, filled with quite a few gift and souvenir shops that will have a really bad effect on your wallet.

One thing you might notice in my photos:
There aren't too many people seen.

Which is, for Disneyland, quite surprising.
Hong Kong Disneyland doesn't seem to be that popular with Hong Kong residents, as OceanPark offers much more exciting rides. As a result, even though it was a saturday with perfect weather, there weren't that many people. Which was quite nice for me, less waiting times for rides are always appreciated.

I didn't have time to eat anything before going to Disneyland, so the first thing i did was search for food. There's quite a few restaurants and cafes in main street, and none of them are too expensive.
I chose to simply get a waffle instead.

Mainly because it was adorable. It's Mickey!
And not only was it adorable, it tasted really really good as well. There was some maple syrup in one of the ears of the plate, and some kind of berry sauce in the other. For around 50HKD, it wasn't that expensive either, and definitely quite filling.

Something else that I absolutely loved: there were so many small, quite birds around the area that seemed to be pretty used to humans. Kind of felt like in a Disney movie, with all those birds chirping.

I started exploring some of the shops right away, they really have the cutest things there.
Like Tsum Tsums

Duffy and clothes for Duffy.
To be honest, before coming here I have never heard of Duffy the Disney bear. Seems like they only sell him (her?) in stores in Asia.

Disneyland Hong Kong not only had its 10th year anniversary while I was there, it also had some special Star Wars x Disney collaboration items on sale.
Like this adorable Stitch Yoda.

One thing I was really tempted to get was this Baymax balloon.
It just looks so cute, and apparantly they glow in the dark. But it would have been so inconvenient to carry around...

Next destination: Tomorrowland

We did the Buzz lightyear ride first. It was quite amusing, for some reason I really enjoy those "shoot at things" rides even though they're mainly aimed at smaller children. And also there was no line, at all.
If you like exciting, fast rides mostly, this one will be quite boring for you. 

Tomorrowland has a small playground for kids too, which they seemed to enjoy a lot.

Walked through Fantasyland as i made my way over to Adventureland.
Disneyland Hong Kong isn't that big, you can easily walk through the entire park twice during a day and still do most activities.

Out of all the areas, Fantasyland looks the most like I expected Disneyland to look like. It's magical!

And they had a lot of photo opportunities there too.

Onto Adventureland!

It seriously feels like entering a jungle! The hot and humid weather of Hong Kong made it feel even more like a real jungle.

I got lucky as I passed by the festival of the Lion King, and just saw people entering the building. 
No waiting time for a show and still the possibility of getting a seat? Count me in!

For Disneyland Hong Kong, I'd say this is the one show I definitely recommend you to see.
It's like a short version of the world famous Lion King musical!
The songs, the made me tear up, it was amazing.

The show is mainly in English, as well as the songs are, but they have a few monkey characters that repeat the story that is told in Cantonese. I thought that was quite a smart way of translating.

As I took so many photos in Disneyland, and experienced so much, writing everything in one single blog post would be too much. So i'm gonna split it into parts.

For today, this is it. Did you enjoy this blog post?
Have any of you been to one of the Disneylands before? Which one, and how was your experience?
I'm super curious, so please tell me in the comments below!

Love, Lydia


  1. Ich war damals auch dort und fand es soooo toll <3

    1. ich war mittlerweile auch im disneyland in Tokyo aber ehrlich gesagt, das in Hong Kong gefällt mir immer noch besser. Einfach die perfekte Größe, und nicht so überfüllt! Das tolle wetter in hong kong macht das nur noch besser :D


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