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Korea Trip #8: Travel Maker

It's been a while since I blogged. Reason for that being that I'm already back in Germany, busy with moving back into my room, preparing for the new semester. And I basically fell head over heals back into my old love for Cosplay (which made my wallet pretty light).
I have another post about a place in Korea for you guys.

I already wrote a blog post about this place 2 years ago , but a lot has changed since then.
While 2 years ago, the cafe was super small, they now have expanded to more than twice its previous size, adding big tv screens as well.

A lot of people came by to get take-out whenever I was there, and quite a lot of Americans seemed to like this place.

Directions to Travel Maker : 

It's close to the guesthouse I stayed at , and very easy to find too.
Simply get out of Hongik University station, exit #3
walk straight for a bit, it should be on your left side.

Onto the menu: Please click on the photo to enlarge it! 
They offer a lot of choices for American breakfast, such as french toast, pancakes or even a breakfast Burrito (is that really a thing?) along with great set options and lots of coffee.

Apparantly, if you order black coffee, you can refill it for free too.

I have only tried their pancakes so far, but I like them a lot.
They're really fluffy, and very filling.
Banana Strawberry

If you want total sugar overload, feel free to order a milkshake to go along with your pancakes.
They're really sweet, and super delicious!
I had the strawberry one, and it didn't taste artificial but like actual fresh strawberries. Couldn't finish it though, it was really filling as well.

That's it for today, hope you liked my little café recommendation.
What's your favourite kind of pancake? Tell me in the comments below.

Love, Lydia


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