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Korea Haul

Actually, I came back from Korea several months ago, but~
I'm going there again in about 3 months, and this time I need to take better care of my expenses.
Last time I spent all my money, but I barely remember how much I spent on clothes, how much on food etc.
So I thought I'd just collect all the things I bought there for an overview for myself. If I know how much I spent on clothes, cosmetics, etc, I can easily figure out how much of my money was spent on food, and how much I need to take with me this time.

And since I already had everything ready, why not take pictures and upload them? ^^
So there you go~

That's most of the stuff I bought there, but I'm sure I forgot at leat 2-3 things


Nature Republic Snail Therapy Sheet Mask Review

Price: 14,76$ on Koreadepart for a pack of 5 sheets
(I got mine for free when buying something at the Nature Republic store in Korea)
Amount: 20g of serum per sheet
1.000mg of snail mucus (...yay? o.o)

"Provides moisturizing effect for skin to suppress the skin cells
 Promotes elasticity and creates smooth skin"

Drawings to make sure everyone understands how to use this :P

I hope you can read the ingredients, the picture got kind of blurry T^T Next time I check the photos on my computer before throwing the packaging away.

First, the mask itself:

The mask was of a thicker material than most sheet masks and absorbed the serum really well. There wasn't a single drop of serum left in the packaging, which is great. 
As you can see in the upper picture, it's only the sheet mask itself inside he packaging, there's not plastic sheet to help you unfold the mask without any problems. If you're not careful enough, you might end up ripping the mask if you try to unfold it too quickly.

Now onto the texture of the serum:

That's what I got when squeezing the mask dry after having it on my face for 20 minutes.

If you would ask me to describe the texture in one single word, I would say:
Really slimy.
It's not that surprising since it contains so much snail slime filtrate but it's such a weird feeling when you have the mask in your hand. You need to get used to it, and if you're like me, you will probably hesitate for a moment before daring to put the mask on your face. It's a huge difference between just knowing that there's snail mucus in a product and feeling that there really is snail mucus in a product.
The good part about this texture though:
It won't drip down your neck. Normally when using sheet masks, I always use a towel to keep my clothes clean. And sometimes, my neck gets more of the serum than my face does. That's not a problem you will get when using this mask ^^

I'm going to split this into  parts, the effects while using it and after using it ^^

While using the sheet mask: First of all, it feels really cooling. Which is nice because it helps to relax while wearing the mask, but bad too...because it's still winter here, and I was freezing xD 
I felt relaxed while wearing this mask ^^
Immediately after using the mask: Sticky. I had to keep my fringe up for almost an hour after using it, because my skin was still sticky. A little bit annoying, but not necessarily a bad thing. I wouldn't use this mask on a day on which you're planning to use make-up and go out though ^^ And not directly before going to bed as well, just use it at least 1-2 hours before going to sleep.
The day after using it: So much love for this mask. My pimples were less angry (aka red), my skin felt really soft and so~ moisturized that it almost looked oily :D This probably doesn't sound like something positive, but if you always had dry skin like me you'll find that a nice surprise when your skin is suddenly slightly shiny ^^ And the results were visible for 2-3 days :D

5/5 Stars.

It does everything it promises it does, and since I got it for free I definitely won't complain about the price ^^
Everything's perfect :D
I would only recommend to buy it for people with really dry skin, otherwise it's a little expensive.


Etude House Happy Tea Time Milk Tea Cleansing Cream

Etude House Happy Tea Time Cleansing Cream Milk Tea
Price: 4,68$ on Koreadepart
Amount: 180ml

" Cleansing cream mixed with milk protein.
  Removes make-up with mild touch while remaining radiance of skin."

Cute, round bowl. Looks nice, but not really practical T^T You have to scoop the product out, which is not very hygenic as well.

Some of it got stuck onto the lid . 

But look how pretty this is? The packaging is really detailed, and looks adorable.

"Cleansing Cream's creamy texture contains Milk protein to remove dirt and makeup while keeping skin moisturized with the pleasant fragrance of tea"

And the ingredients on the bottom of the plastic packaging:

Oh my god the scent~
[prepare to run, Capslock ahead]
It smells really really sweet and the scent is so strong, it lasts even after I already finished cleansing my face.
Isn't that amazing? Every time I open the container the scent quickly puts a smile on my face.
Unfortunately, I don't really know how to describe it. It does not smell like Milk , or Tea, or the combination of both. But it kind of reminds me of the soaps my grandma has at her home.
Don't judge me please, those smell really nice.
Just so you won't get me wrong, it does not smell like old people. Just like old peoples...soap. A really nice-smelling soap. 
It has a really sweet fragrance, but it's not flowery and definitely not's more of a soft sweet? 
Does that exist? xD
Anways, it's really difficult to describe the scent, but I love it. Much much LOVE for this fragrance, even though it definitely does not smell like tea like it claims it does.
I know you're judging me right now

For those of you out there who don't really like fragrances in their skin care though: do not buy this.
Since the scent is really strong, and lasts a while it might make you go crazy, if you  usually prefer your products without any fragrance. ^^ 

Newly opened product

Compared to Tony Moly's Tea Tree cleansing cream, it's not as thick and slightly more watery, which makes it much easier to spread. It also feels really, really smooth on the skin.

This is about the amount i need for my whole face. Not much right?

It did not irritate my skin (yet), which is nice since my skin is really really sensitive ^-^

Let's see how well it removes make-up:

Tested on:

fluid make-up base (from my sister, I didn't want to waste mine)
waterproof eyeliner
blush/lip colour

The cleansing cream slowly turns into a nude colour~

And, after washing everything off:

(Almost) clean :D 
You can still see the eyeliner, but it faded a lot, and remember: It was a waterproof one ^^ 
So it does cleanse pretty well, in my opinion.

4/5 Stars :D

Not perfect, simply because it's quite annoying to always have to scoop out the product (at least for lazy people like me it is) ^^