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Taobao Hauls: Combined Masterpost of 6 different hauls~ (Part 3: Tops and Skirts)


The final post of last years Taobao hauls.
Somehow I never managed to finish this post as I really wanted to take photos of how the clothes fit and look on me before I left for Taiwan before publishing it...but since I'm already abroad now and didn't bring a lot of those clothes with me (and already ordered more Taobao things while in Taiwan), I shall just share it with you guys now ^^ 
There's still a few items that I didn't take photos of, and then there's more Taobao things that I got shipped to Taiwan so as soon as I'm back in Germany there'll be more Taobao haul posts :D

Cat Blouse

Cute Cat Blouse taobao 
Price: 68 Yuan ( 8,50€)

Let's start with one of my favourite tops that I got.
This blouse is super cute and the material has really good quality.
It's also very light, which would make it perfect for summer...except for that it's completely see-through, so I always have to wear a shirt underneath. So I'd rather wear it in spring instead, since two layers are usually too warm for summer.

It's also buttoned on the back, which makes it very easy to take off and put it on but, according to my roommate, "looks pretty weird".

Watermelon Skirt

Watermelon skirt Taobao
Price: 59 Yuan ( 7,30€)

I specifically searched for this skirt on Taobao, because I have seen quite a few photos of people wearing it and the idea of a watermelon skirt just seems awesome!
But when i got it, I was really disappointed.
I thought it would be light, chiffon material, but instead it's very thick...
Which also means that it pretty much just hangs down straight on me, not very flattering. It's also quite heavy and not exactly comfortable to wear. I haven't worn it outside once, because I can't find a way to make it look alright..

Watermelon Skirt Taobao

After washing it once, the red colour also ended up colouring the white part of the skirt. 
See that pink stripe? That was white before.

Mint Cat Skirt

Cute Cat Skirt Taobao
Price: 62 Yuan ( 7,75 €)

I really love the design of this, and the material is super soft as well ^^
There were no loose threads or anything too.

this skirt is really, really short.
If I don't wear short pants underneath it....well, let's just say it would expose a lot.

Purple Skirt
Price: 29,9 Yuan ( 3,75€)

This one's really flowy and soft~ 

It fits a bit loose on me, and since the skirt length is kind off long (almost down to my knees if i wear it on my hips), I prefer wearing it on my waist but it doesn't really stay in place.
 There were also a few stains when it got delivered:

Hamburger Sweater

Hamburger Sweater Harajuku Taobao
Price: 68Yuan (8,5 €)

My favourite piece to wear in autumn~ 
nothing's more glamorous than a delicious hamburger, right? 

The pullover is very comfy, stretchy and keeps you quite warm too ^-^ 

Mint Bears Pullover
Price: 82 Yuan (10€)

I ordered this one for winter, and that was the best decision ever.
In fact, I'm wearing this while writing this blog post.
I love it. The material is super stretchy and quite thick, which makes for an aawesome winter sweater.

All the following clothes are made by one seller called 抱兔子追大奔. Let me tell you, if you're into hip-hop style clothing, you will love this shop. I bought a few things from them, and not only were they all really cheap the quality was great too :D I can only recommend buying from them, some of these items are my absolute favourites ^^

Unicorn Skater Skirt 

Unicorn Skater Skirt Harajuku Taobao
Price: 29 Yuan ( 3,60€)

This is one of my favourite skirts to wear by now.
It's stretchy and fits perfectly no matter if i wear it on my waist or pull it down to my hips.
It goes down to the middle of my thighs, which is the perfect length for me.

Besides that, isn't the print awesome? Unicorns AND rainbows?
Can't get better than this, right?

Never Coast See-Through Shirt 
Price: 19 Yuan ( 2,30€)

This is a simple shirt. I think it's supposed to be a crop top, but it's long enough for me to fully cover my belly. Oops.
Other than that, it's quite nice. The material is soft and it's sewed well, no loose threads or anything.

Snoopy Sweater
Price: 32 Yuan (4€)

This sweater is kind of baggy, and a bit short. I like long sweaters that i can comfortably pull down, but this one ends just about at the belt of my pants.
Other than that, it's alright. Great quality for that price though.

And I love the fact that the printed Snoopy extends over the sweater. It looks really cute with its legs dangling over my pants or skirt.

Garfield Sweater 

Garfield Sweater harajuku Taobao
Price: 30 Yuan (3,75€)

One of my favourites!

I wear it all the time, most often as a pyjama top because it's really comfy~
And I love the length of the sleeves, because I'm one of those people who likes to pull the sleeves down to cover my hands as well.
And don't get me started on the print...all those Garfield faces, aren't they cute?
I especially love the bored looking Garfield!

Galaxy Skirt

Galaxy Skirt Harajuku fashion Taobao
Price: 22 Yuan ( 2,75€)

While I love the design of this skirt, with its two different layers, it's not the most comfortable.
The waistband tends to rub and leave imprints on my skin as it's a bit too tight for me.
And the skirt is really short so I always have to wear actual shorts underneath.

It also breaks quite easily, I had to sew part of the upper layer on again twice already.

Mickey Mouse Hands Sweater
Price: 15 yuan ( 1,80€)

Super cheap, and the quality is alright too. It's not the most comfy sweater I own, but I like its length and the design is awesome.

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Review of Taobaoring (the shopping service I use)

So that's it for today, hope you didn't mind the short break from my travel posts.
Did you ever order from Taobao? What was your experience? and if you didn't, would you like to?
Please tell me your thoughts in the comments below ^-^

Love, Lydia


Taiwan Travel Diary #21: Shifen

Hey everyone~
finally, another Taiwan post! I'm in Korea right now so i'm really sorry for not updating regularly.

This post is about a small town about an hour away from Taipei:


The easiest way to get to Shifen is to take the Ruifang line (train) from Taipei main station.
I used to think there was a direct train, but apparantly you have to change trains at Ruifang.
Don't worry though, all signs in train stations have English on them too and when buying the ticket it's enough to state your destination so even if you speak zero Chinese, you'll still be fine.
Both tickets (Taipei to Ruifang and Ruifang to Shilin) should only cost around 100 NTD altogether (one way)

There isn't that much to do in Shifen, as it's super small, but it's incredibly beautiful.
Movies were filmed there too (forgot which one though).

One must-see spot in Shifen is the waterfall.

Which is apparantly closed after 5pm, so here's a photo of the river instead.
The waterfall seems to be inside of a park so if you want to see it, make sure to get there before 5pm.

It was okay though, we managed to find this pretty bridge to take photos at:

Now back onto the main area of Shifen:
The biggest reason for people coming here are the paper lanterns. They're everywhere, you can buy one for just 200NTD and let them fly off right from the train tracks.

The paper lanterns symbolize different areas of luck in life, depending on their colours.
The sellers usually have charts in English as well, explaining what each colour means.
On those paper lanterns, you can write wishes for your, or others future.
People say if you write your wishes down and then light the lantern and let it fly away, your wishes will become true.

On another note, Shifen has a lot of pretty bridges.

So all in all, there's not a lot to do in Shifen, and not a lot to eat either, but it's a super beautiful place to visit if you have the time  to go.

We ate dinner at a nightmarket near Yuanshan station that day because we didn't mange to find anything we wanted to eat in Shifen.  Had some delicious Ramen, and then called it a day.

So that's it for today, my apologize for this post being rather short.
We visited Shifen right after our trip to Houtongs cat village so we were quite exhausted and headed back a bit early. Hopefully next time i go I get a chanace to take photos when it's dark too.

Would you ever like to visit Shifen, or have you already?
Please tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

Love, Lydia