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Taobao Hauls :Combined Masterpost of 6 Taobao hauls (Part 2 Clothing: Dresses )

I'm back with the second part of my many Taobao hauls, yay ^-^

Which is~ clothing :D Or dresses, to be specific.
Also an apology in advance if the photos of me wearing the dresses are super awkward. I still have a cold and didn't feel too well^^'

White/Orange Dress
Price: 69 Yuan ( 8,60€)

The colour is a lot darker and more orange than in the item photo. It was supposed to be peachy, but turns out it's actually orange.

You need to wear a sleeveless top underneath the dress, because the top part is kind of see through.
It's also quite thick, so definitely not something I would wear in spring. 

Black and White Dress 
Price: 29 Yuan (3,62€)

So I got this and a few other items from a seller named 雅倩潮流坊 时尚低价优质批发 
and they sell pretty cheap clothing. Since their clothing is really really cheap, obviously the quality won't be great.

There will be loose threads, and the material isn't the softest and sometimes itches a bit.

Collar at the back of the dress
So when you order from them, keep in mind that it's not going to be of super good quality. It's fine for wearing it occasionally though, even after washing it a few times this dress is still wearable, which is a great deal for that price ^^

all of the clothing from that seller is really short.
Check the measurements before you order, and prepare to always wear short pants underneath their dresses. I'm only 1,63cm and none of the dresses I ordered from them is long enough to be worn without saftey pants underneath.

Too short ;-;
Normally I would wear this with black tights underneath, but I was too lazy to change my tights for every dress. Sorry~ ^^'

Lace dress 
Price: 21 Yuan (2,62€)

Same problem like the one above: it's really short, I don't feel comfortable wearing it.
Also, the sleeves are super tight, as well as the chest area. And to be honest, I'm quite flat, so if you have even smallest amount of curves this probably won't fit since it's already super tight on me in the chest area ;-;

Wine Red See-through Dress
Price: 16 Yuan (2€)

This one is kind of~ more comfortable than the lace dress, but it's also shorter. 
So short that I keep pulling it down...which leads to the chest area being exposed, so I can only wear it with a sleeveless top underneath and pants.

The sleeves are a bit short on me as well.

Yellow Flower Dress
Price: 120 Yuan (15,50€), reduced price 60 Yuan (8,25€)

I'm absolutely in love with this dress. It looks exactly like the stock photos, and the material is nice and light and simply perfect for summer.

The area under the collar is see through and looks really pretty.

This dress also has a zipper on its back, which makes it fit really well.
The zipper is really tiny but seems sturdy enough to not break easily ^^

Since the dress looks so dolly and cute, I also used it for this years halloween costume~
Broken Doll :D

Mint Sailor Dress
Price: 276 Yuan (34,50€), reduced price 99Yuan (~12€)

As you can see, this dress is quite expensive if you compare it with the other items I ordered from Taobao. If you manage to buy it while it's on sale (and it always has been on sale whenever I checked it) you're getting great quality for a very affordable price.

I ordered it in Size M, and again, it gets a bit tight around the chest area. It's still comfortable but I'm pretty sure it would not fit me if I had ordered it in Size S.

Everything is sewn carefully, there are no loose threads and the buttons on the front of the dress probably won't fall off any time soon.
The sailor collar can be opened in the front, and underneath it has another button. You can tie the collar however you want, but it can't be taken off entirely because it's sewn into the back.

Cherry Dress
Price: 159 Yuan (19,80€)

So~ I think this was one of the biggest disappointments I ordered.
First of all, it's one of the few more "expensive" items I got....but the material is super thin and see through, I need to wear a top and pants underneath it or you'll see everything through it.

The print looks pretty though..

Second, there were dirty spots on it that I can't get cleaned no matter how hard I try.

And then last (part of that is my own fault though): 
I thought I was going to get this

Photo taken from the item page on Taobao

The first 10 or so stock photos all looked like this. Which lead to me thinking the blouse underneath the dress also belonged to the dress, I thought it was a one-piece.
Turns out, the item is just the strap dress...
I don't like wearing strap dresses. I don't like having bare shoulders, unless it's a long sleeved-shirt with cut-out shoulders. Strap dresses just don't look good on me.

I guess not reading the item description (with a little help from Google translate) properly is my own fault, but all in all, I was still very disappointed with spending 20€ on this. T^T
I'm still trying to make the dress work somehow, since I can't really sell it with those dirty spots, but i don't like having spent money and not wearing something.
I mostly wear it with a shirt underneath it, which looks a tiny bit better in my opinion.

Cut-Out Shoulders Dress
Price: 29 Yuan (3,60€)

Talking about bare shoulders....This is the kind of dress that I like wearing.
It's sporty, looks kind of hip-hop-ish and even though it shows my shoulders, I still feel "covered" enough.  And I really like how it's shorter in the front and longer in the back. More dresses should be like this.

The material is also quite soft and comfortable wearing. I'm definitely taking this with me when I'm going back to Hongdae next summer, since this type of clothing is perfect for clubbing in my opinion.
It's still pretty short so I'd recommend wearing short pants underneath this one as well.

And last but not least~

Dark Blue Polka Dot Dress
Price: 42 Yuan (~ 5€)

This is easily my favourite dress by now. The material is light, super soft, but not see-through.
The bottom of the dress is a bit puffy and super flowy, I love wearing this in summer.
It also comes with a belt, so you can either make it fit more tightly around the waist or keep it loose.

The bottom of the dress has two layers as well, with lace looking out underneath the polka dot part.
I can only recommend this dress, especially since it was really cheap too.

In case you'd like to know, I used Taobaoring for this haul.
I already wrote a more detailed review of their service here

So that's it for today ^^ 
Did you like the items? Which ones would you like to buy? :D
Please tell me your opinion in the comments below, I love reading your comments ^-^


Why Korea is awesome: Namsan Tower

Hey everyone~

Here's another travel post for you :D
These days, even though I'm really busy with preparing for my move to Taiwan, I still seem to have enough time to get anxious and worried a lot about leaving home. So I try my best to distract myself, and look forward to my journey abroad. And the best way to do that is to look back to my past travels.

Now, who of you heard of Namsan Tower before?
Many, I bet.

But did you know its name is not actually Namsan tower?
It is actually called N Seoul Tower ( N서울타워 )
The reason why many people call it Namsan tower, is its location.
N Seoul tower is located on top of the mountain Namsan, which is why people call it Namsan tower.

To get there from within the city Seoul, it takes quite some time, and there are a few options for you.

1) Take a taxi. This is the most expensive option , and it may take a while to find a taxi driver that is willing to drive up the mountain, and you still have to walk quite a bit at the end too.

2) The cable car.
It's not as expensive as taking a cab, and it most certainly offers the greatest view.

lights of Seoul in the rain while taking the cable car up to Namsan tower.
However to do that, you must find the cable car station first.
You can either try to go there by subway and walking (a guide is available on the Seoul tourism website ) or take a cab to the cable car station.

There you can purchase the ticket, it's either one-way or round-trip.
One-Way tickets cost 4,800 Won,
and Round-trip costs 6,300. 
(the prices may differ now, these are the prices listed on the seoul tourism website)
You could also take the cable car one-way up the mountain and then walk back down again. It's cheap, and you'll see more of Namsan too.

3) Take the bus.

For this you want to take the subway to Chungmuro station (subway line 3 or 4) and then take the yellow bus up the mountain.
It's cheap and the buses run very often, more often than the cable car.

unless you're tight on budget and time, I would not recommend doing this,
The bus can get very crowded, and the ride takes a while.
You don't want to be stuck in a full bus, on a summer day, with ahjusshis pushing past you to scan their T-money cards on the machine all the time...for about 15 minutes.
It's uncomfortable, and you'll most certainly won't be able to appreciate the beautiful mountain and view when you're squeezed between people like sardines in a tin.

Option 4) would be
hiking up the mountain

I haven't done that (because i'm lazy), so I can't explain how to get up the mountain or how long it takes. But~ I did walk back down the mountain once.

And it took us a good 40 minutes at least.
There are stairs, but even though we just walked down, not up, we were sweating (it was in June) and really exhausted when we finally found back to the subway station.
Yes the scenery was pretty....but for me it wasn't worth it.
If you like hiking and nature and sports, this might be the best way to get up to Namsan tower for you.

It wasn't for me, so I'd recommend taking the cable car.

Now back to the tower itself.

This is the view that greets you if you go there after sunset. I went twice, once in the evening and once in the afternoon. 
While the lights may look pretty, I have to admit i preferred going in the afternoon. It was difficult to take good photos of the locks in the evening, and it was raining too.

Speaking of locks

There are so many of them, and all of them are adorable.
Thinking about how each lock represents a couple, or a single visitor to this place just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :D

I took such a long time walking around, looking at all those lovely locks..
there were so many cute and unique ones.

I bought a lock too, even though I had no one to share it with.
But even though it is not a couple lock, it's still nice to know that my lock is hanging there at Namsan tower.

Can you find it? Hint: It's yellow

Other than locks, there's another thing couple's like to place at Namsan tower:

Photobooth Stickers:

Like on this lamp, for example.
They also have a big heart figure at Namsan tower, and obviously, it's filled with locks of love too.

They also have those lover's benches.
For couples that are too shy to sit next to each other. The bench is bent in the middle, leading to the people sitting on it automatically sliding closer.
I just can't figure out if that drawing on it is supposed to help the couples with getting closer...or the opposite of it.

Another reason to go up to Namsan tower is the view over the city that you'll get.
Even if you don't pay the extra fee to go up the tower, the view is still amazing.

And~ filled with locks, of course.