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Japan Adventures #3: Day 3, Tokyo Disneyland (Part 1)

I'm back~ with yet another Disney post!
I visited Disneyland Hong Kong last year  (read about it here ) and as a Disney fan, I was really hoping to get a chance to go to Tokyo Disneyland as well.

Luckily, two Australian girls from my hostel in Tokyo were planning to go as well and let me tag along! 

Here's some basic information for you first: 

How to get to Disneyland Tokyo

You can either take the direct bus from Shinjuku or Tokyo station (check the Disneyland website for its schedule!)
or you take the metro.
You can either take the JR Keiyo or JR Musashino line to Maihama station.
Which means, if you have a JR railway pass you can get there with that too and save some money.
And it only takes about 15 minutes from Tokyo station.

For the prices, it's not that cheap, but it's Disneyland so be prepared.
 A 1-day passport, which allows you into either Disneyland or DisneySea costs 7,400 Yen.
Be prepared to stand in line for a while.

For some reason though, the long line you see in this photo was for people who already had bought their tickets. Our line, since we didn't have tickets yet, was much shorter so I'd say pre-ordering online isn't really worth it. 

One tipp I found online that you definitely should keep in mind when going to Tokyo Disneyland is using the fast passes.
We got them for the Monsters Inc. ride as soon as we entered the park.

What is a fast pass though?
Basically you gotta line up for a bit to get to the fast pass machines, enter your Disneyland ticket and it will give you a timed slot in which you can enter the ride much faster and get to avoid the generally long lines. We waited around 20 minutes to get out fast pass, and later at the ride waited another 20.
The waiting time when we went to the ride was over 2 hours, so you do save a lot of time.
You can only get another fast pass after 2 hours again though, and they're only available for a few selected rides.

So another thing I had to get as soon as possible:
some sort of ears! I got the minnie mouse ones in Hong Kong, and in Tokyo they got those adorable clip on Stitch ears!

From Tomorrowland we headed over to Toon Town, which is simply adorable.

Toon Town is basically designed as the town where Mickey and all his friends live.

In Toon Town, you get the chance to meet Mickey and Minnie...but we didn't want to queue for that, so instead, we took a tour through Minnies house.

I think it's mostly designed for little children but to be honest, i loved this place. 
It just looked so cute.

There were lots of hidden easter-eggs, like the fridge that's full of cheese when you open it.
Or Minnies recipe for Cheesy Chip Cookies!

One thing I loved about Tokyo Disneyland was that character appearances were spread throughout the park at different times. In Hong Kong, almost all of them appeared in the same area during the same time period so if you missed that, you missed all of them.
In Tokyo, I got the chance to meet Dale from Chip n' Dales, one of my favourite childhood TV series!

Daisy Duck made an appearance around the same area too.

We also went on our first ride there, Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin.
Storytime: normaly all rollercoasters tell you outside the queue how long the waiting time will be.
This one didn't have that, so we assumed the waiting time would be relatively short.
We were wrong.
The queue was mostly inside so we didn't see beforehand how long it would take. We waited for over an hour and we had no idea how far along the line we were. 
And the ride wasn't that great. It was okay, but not worth waiting that long.

"It's a small world~"
I bet all of you know this one, it's in every single Disneyland and just a classic.

It's nice, relaxing and i can guarantee the song will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Disneyland is always so gorgeously designed, I love just walking around and discovering all the details.
Their good fairy was a bit scary though...why the mask?

One more thing that's special in Disneyland Tokyo:
The popcorn.
Yea you read that right.
There's a lot of small stands around the entire park that sell popcorn in adorable Disney themed containers. The containers usually fit the area they're sold in, for example in Tomorrowland, you get Stitch! 
And every popcorn stand only sells on flavour of popcorn.

There are "normal" flavours like Caramel popcorn, but there's also Soysauce flavour, strawberry flavour and many more. They also change each season.

I mainly got the popcorn because I wanted this giant Stitch. 
Unfortunately, the popcorn was Soysauce flavoured...which was incredibly salty. 
Do not recommend.

Our next stop was Westernland, because we wanted to grab some Fast passes for Thunder Mountain.
Always get a Fast Pass when you can!

Onto the castle~~~
Cinderella's castle, to be specific.

In Tokyo, you can actually enter the castle! Not sure if you can do it in other parks, in Hong Kong you couldn't.
There's lots of great artwork to see.

When visiting the castle, make sure you stay in each room for a bit to not miss the hidden extras!

There's a few pictures on the walls of the final room that you should take a photo  of- using flash!

without Flash

with Flash

without Flash

with Flash

That's it for Part 1, hope you enjoyed this photo-spam!
I took so many photos at Disneyland, so there's quite a few more posts to come :D

Love, Lydia