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Nature Republic Botanical Lip & Cheek Colour (#03 Sugar Orange) Review

Price: 5,15$ on Koreadepart 
Amount: 6g

Description on Koreadepart:

           " -Aroma component that relaxes skin
-Excellent moisture ingredients moisturizes lips and skin.
 -Soft and no sticky
 -Sweet flower scent.
 -Mild herb ingredients
-Can be used for lips and cheek."

Adorable packaging, in my opinion :D

Description in English, but the ingredients written on the back of it are all in Korean
Printed with soy ink on eco-friendly paper :D
And sorry for the way the packaging looks. I carried this in my luggage and used it a few times already before taking photos, so I always put the glass container back into it etc.

the glass container is recycable as well :D

I picked colour No.3, Sugar Orange....well okay I didn't exactly pick this colour out of all colours available.
I saw this in a Nature Republic store in Insadong, thought the colour shown through the see-through part of the packaging looked nice and bought it. Actually I don't think I even noticed there were other colours ^^''

Shopping in Korea: You spend money just like that 

"syuga oraenji"= Sugar Orange :D 

I really, really like this colour, because it doesn't exactly look like 'orange' on my lips. I never used any orange colour on my face, and I never planned to because I just couldn't imagine how an orange colour could look good on me.

Swatched on the back of my hand:

with flash:

On my lips:

Bare lips 

with Nature Republic's Botanical Lip& Cheek colour
As you can see, it's not very pigmented, but that's what I like about it.
It does look very natural, especially from a bigger distance. The colour is just a warm, subtle tone of orange and makes my face look much healthier than the cold, light pinkish tone that my lips normally have. 
It also slightly evens out the discolourations on my lips and makes them appear less thin ^-^

Zoomed in on the tip of my finger. Sorry about the bad quality ^^''
I would say the texture is almost~ creamy and you easily get the colour out of the glass container. Just be careful to not to apply too much pressure or you'll get out way too much of it. It's really easy to spread on your lips, so no need to use much. 

Let's just go through it's promises in the description first:
"Aroma component that relaxes skin": ...I don't know how it's supposed to relax my skin but okay, maybe that's right?
"Excellent moisture ingredients moisturizes lips and skin.":  Not true at all. I had to apply lipbalm after half an hour or so because my lips felt dry.
 "Soft and no sticky": True, it really does not feel sticky
 "Sweet flower scent": I didn't really smell anything, but maybe that's just me ^^'
 "Mild herb ingredients" Since the ingredients are only in Korean, no idea if that one's right.
"Can be used for lips and cheek" True. I'm a complete newbie at applying blush though, so I didn't swatch that ^^ 

3/5 Stars        
It is a nice colour, but it dries out my lips way too fast and to be honest, I prefer a tinted lipbalm over this one.


Cats overload.

So this will be a post about cats.
Yes, this is a very random post.
Recently, I went through my photos from Seoul again, and more than half of them were photos of cats since I visited cat cafés more than once.
And photos of Cats belong on the Internet, don't they?
Internet = Cat photos.
So feel free to join me on the journey of fluffyness and "awwwww" moments.

Kpoptown Mini Haul

First of all, sorry for not posting anything for over a month. I got a really bad cold that stuck with me for 2-3 weeks, then I went to Munich for Teen Top's concert and meanwhile my skin decided to go crazy on me so I stopped using most of the products I own to figure out which one caused this and haven't been able to write any reviews.


Shortly before Christmas and then again during the end of January I ordered (together with Jenny )  some things on Kpoptown. I just planned to order a calendar as a belated Christmas gift for myself but then I found out that Kpoptown now started selling Korean cosmetics as well. For the first order, I managed to hold myself back enough to only order small things.

Then in January, Jenny and I ordered the Block B World Camp DVD, as we both participated in the Camp and wanted to have this as a memory for ourselves. I also ordered two skincare products with it, but Kpoptown only delivered one -.- We got the money back, but we already paid for custom fees and those included the product that was not shipped to us. This sucked especially since the one product they sent was the one I needed the most (Etude House's White Trouble Essencializer, because I have lots of tiny bumbs under my skin right now and now I don't have any idea how to get rid of them anymore T^T)
Conclusion: Don't order on Kpoptown. The shipping fees are huge and their service is not the best at all. This is not the first time they forgot to send something, and last time I didn't even get my money back. The cosmetic products are slightly overpriced too.

Onto the things I got:

Etude House's Vanilla Moist Eye's Cream
10,90$ on Kpoptown.
Recently I discovered some small lines under my eyes, and I'm only I kind of panicked and purchased this. OTL

Etude House Wonder Pore Brush
4,95$ on Kpoptown.
I'm using this regularly now, but so far I haven't really seen any differences.
It's fun to use though.

Etude House Missing U Greentea Nose Pack
They don't have this listed on their website anymore, but as far as I remember it cost me 1,50$ on Kpoptown.

The main reasons for buying stuff on Kpoptown:

Exo Desk Calendar
17,90$ on Kpoptown.
Bought this because I really needed a calendar for 2013.

Tao's definitely not  the reason for me buying this one.
This perfection does not affect me at all.

Block B's BBC World Camp DVD
34,90$ on Kpoptown
This includes two DVD's and a photobook.
I'm slightly~ disappointed by the DVD . They cut out like 50% of the programm at the camp, and also..we had cameras in our faces all the time, yet they don't show us for even a second T^T
The photobook is great quality though. 

Minhyuk stop it.

See the arrow? That's me.
I look super awkward, right? xD

That's all I bought ^^ 
Anyways, I'll try my best to update more regularly. My laptop is recently being slower than a snail so it takes me a while to upload and edit photos. 
I have two reviews almost finished, so please stick with me :D 
Have a nice day everyone ^^
And if you have opinions about Kpoptown as well, please share them in the comments below