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Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner Review

Price: 9,000 Won on TesterKorea 
(if you're wondering why I'm not using the price on Koreadepart as a reference anymore, the prices on TK are lower and basically the same as the prices in the stores in Korea)
Amount: 250ml

What it claims to do:

"I'm the Wonder Woman for your pores"

It's like your usual toner, so the texture is just like water.
It soaks up into cotton pads quickly, but you can also just pour some on your hands and then pat it into you skin if you want to.

Unlike other toners, this one doesn't smell like alcohol at all :D
It still reminds me a little of medicine though, but just a little fortunately.
The scent is not very strong, so maybe you won't even notice it.

This toner works really well for me ^-^
It did not irritate my skin at all, even though I'm using it both in the morning and in the evening every day.
Of course, it does not magically do everything it promises on the packaging. I think those effects maybe happen when you use the whole Wonder Pore line, but I can't say for sure since I only own the Freshner.
Anyways, it really cleanses my skin. Every time I use my cleanser, or a mask, and wipe over my face with a cotton pad soaked with the Wonder Pore Freshner, I get some residues on it, even though my face actually looked clean before. 
I also feel like this helps to tame my breakouts a little. If I spot a small pimple and pat some Freshner on it in the evening, it usually doesn't seem worse the next morning. Yay for that :D

5/5 Stars :D

Because it's only a toner,  I didn't expect any wonders to happen. But it cleanses well, calms any troubles and does not break me out. I'm planning to try other toners soon, but if those break me out I might just repurchase a bottle of Wonder Pore Freshner ^^


Hey guys

As you might, or might not know (if you didn't read the "About" part on the right side of this blog :P ) I'm going to Asia~ :D
To Shanghai for 4 weeks and to Seoul for 17 days after that, to be exact ^-^ And~..I'm flying on 27th April.
Which is this Saturday xD 

So, there will probably more foodporn,

 travel posts 

and~ haul posts than skincare/cosmetics reviews in the next 6 1/2 weeks. But as long as I'm in China, I'll have a single room for myself so I should be able to take pictures of the things I buy and sometimes write reviews too. 
Also...Blogger and Blogspot kind~ of happen to be blocked in China.
I'm trying to find a way to still post, but my Internet will be probably quite~ slow and I won't post that often.
So be prepared for major spam as soon as I'm in Seoul, because I'll definitely write the blog posts :P

Also, you might want to follow Jennys and mine Blog on Tumblr.
Tumblr is accessible without any problems, so I should be able to update almost every day.
There won't be any lengthy text posts, but instead be prepared for pretty pictures :D
You might also see some pretty faces on there, like those:

Who knows who those 2 are? :D

So please don't unfollow me here, yes? T^T
I'll definitely still update, and I will be buying loads~ of Chinese/Taiwanese/Korean skincare and stuff that I'll definitely all review when i'm back in Germany :D

Oh and also, if there are any Korean products or any products that you can get in China that you guys could recommend to me, that would be absolutely awesome :D 
Tell me your favourites, please~ ^-^


Nature Republic Lemon Peeling Gel Review

Price: 12,99$ on Ebay, but originally it was under 7.000 Won in Korea, as far as I remember.
(I think the one on ebay is an older version of this, since the design looks different)
Amount: 120ml

The ingredients.
I like how they indicate the "scrub strength" on the packaging, so that people with sensitive skin like me won't buy something that will probably irritate their skin.

The packaging has some random french words written on it.'s a gel.
It also has some small, yellow beads in it .  They usally dissolve when  massaging the gel into the skin. 
Because it's just a gel and not an actual scrub, it's very gentle to my skin. My skin didn't get irritated at all, which it normally does. I can just massage this into my skin until it's fully absorbed into my skin , and then i can just rub the dead skin cells off.

It really smells like lemon, so citrus-y and suuuper yummy :D
(FYI i love lemons. Whenever I get a slice of one in my coke at a restaurant I eat it OTL)
The scent makes you feel quite refreshed, but it doesn't last that long. It fades away right after starting to massage the gel into your skin, unfortunately T^T But the scent is definitely a  + for me :D

This works really~ well. It's gentle on the skin and you can literally see the dead skin cells coming off.
I would show you a picture but it's a little gross so...better not xD
I don't know if this is an appropriate comparison, but before I saw videos of people using a peeling gel by a japanese brand (Cure? Aqua Peeling Gel? something like that), which was hyped a lot~ and somehow, I think this gel works similarly, if not just as good. After using the peeling gel, there will be lots of grey, small clumps that you can just wash off. 
After washing everything off, my skin is visibly less dull and feels really soft. I barely can stop myself from touching my face all the time after using it, even though I know I'm not supposed to xD

5/5 Stars :D

It works perfectly fine, was reasonably priced (not on Ebay though) and does not irritate my skin. All in all, a perfect product for me ^-^ When this runs out (which probably won't happen this year anymore xD) I will definitely try to repurchase this, if I can find a place that sells this without jacking up the price way~ too much ^^

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