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Taiwan Travel Diary #15: Dream of Hobbiton, Taipei

Hey everyone~ I'm back with another blog post! :D
This time, let me tell you about a really special restaurant here in Taipei:

Before I tell you what exactly is so special about it, let me explain how to get there first:
Take either the red or the green line to Zhongshan station.
Get out of exit #4.
You have to turn to your left, walk a bit and then turn to the right.
They have a map on their website here but if you have mobile internet I'd recommend you to just search for "Dream of Hobbiton" on Google Maps, it worked well enough for me.

Now let's see what's so special about this restaurant.
You can probably already guess that by its name.

This restaurants owner is aa big fan of lord of the rings, and the restaurants interior was designed to fit right into middle earth.
Every floor represents a different location and theme.

So the first floor was Bag End, and had lots of greens and warm light.

So the first floor contains most of the movie replicas that the owner collected.
And the fun part is, he actually lets the restaurant guests pose with them!

Yes that's me with Saurons helmet and staff. The helmet was really heavy.

The owner was super friendly and helps you take photos.
He also took the time to explain each item. Ín case you're not such a huge lord of the rings nerd and are not able to identify each sword on its own, don't worry, he'll tell you with whose sword you're posing right now.

But this one you should know :P

Legolas swords

Just a quick warning, except for Legolas swords all of them are pretty difficult to hold.
Especially Anduril, I was barely able to hold it up.
Those swords feel so real, and my fangirl heart was very happy that day.

Other than the life-sized swords, there were also several small collectibles.

Including giant, wearable Hobbit feet.

And~ an Iron man glove. It's not all lord of the Rings themed.

Since the first floor was pretty full already, we were seated on the second floor.

The restaurant offers quite a big selection of (western) food: Pizza, Pasta, some cakes...
I ordered creamy Bacon pasta for less than 200NTD (you have to order at least 100NTD worth of food/drinks in order to be seated) and it tasted quite good actually.

Of course, there were some lord of the rings items in the second floor as well.

Like i mentioned before, it's not all lord of the rings themed. The restaurant owner seems to really like movies so whenever he collects something, he places it in the restaurant.
So this is the first thing you will notice when walking up the stairs to the second floor:

Lifesized Groot and Rocket!

Since Groot is so huge, only his upper body fits on the statue.

 That's it for today, hope you enjoyed this post.
Would you like to visit this restaurant? Tell me in the comments below :D

Love, Lydia


Taiwan Travel Diary #14: Yuanshan farmers market and Tonghua nightmarket

Hey everyone~
I'm so much behind with my blog posts, I'm sorry ;-;
Anways: Last month i planned to check out the Confucius temple near Yuanshan  station with my roommate. At that time, there was a farmers market, which is apparantly  every weekend, and we got a bit sidetracked and spent most of our afternoon there.
There was so much food one could try there, all super fresh and delicious.
And of course, like in every other place that has crowds of people, there were some street performers.

These guys here were super funny. They kept acting while performing their tricks, and all the little kids who were watching them loved it.

Afterwards we went to Tonghua nightmarket to try out their food stalls, as we both had never been there before.


One small store at the nightmarket sold Running Man name tags in the game section, which is super cool in my opinion.

Spotted this cute lizard at the nightmarket~

On the day afterwards, we got some delicious hotpot set in a restaurant in Ximen.

Plus some passionfruit ice tea with a random piece of apple thrown in.

That's it for today, I hope you enjoyed my photos.
Which food looks the best?
Did you ever visit the farmers market or Tonghua nightmarket?
Tell me in the comments below.

Love, Lydia