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Taiwan Diary #31: Cute character restaurant Aranzi Bistro 阿朗基咖啡

Taipei has an abundance of cute themed cafés or restaurants. This one i actually discovered while scrolling through the #taipei tag on Instagram. 

Here's the address:

No. 468, Section 4, Ren'ai Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110

The characters in this bistro were all based on Aranzi Aronzo, designed by Kinuyo Saito and Yoko Yomura and are cute as well as a bit weird and dorky. Definitely not the kind of overly pink and cutesy character that is usually incredibly popular in Taiwan (like Hello Kitty)

The restaurant also sells a lot of merchandise of the characters.

Something I found really interesting were those Aranzi magazines with lots of photographs in them.

The decorations are absolutely adorable as well.

Prices are quite expensive, just like in any other themed restaurant.
The character cakes are 550NTD each, and are also sold in small booths in food malls in other places too. Every character has a differently flavoured cake

I got the Matcha flavoured one, which was pretty good but more like a mousse than a cake.
The plate it was served on was adorable though, the cake fit perfectly on the space the characters head was printed on the plate.

I also got a Matcha Latte which was delicious.

And had the same character on it.

I also got the pizza that was disappointingly small, and not that good. But good Pizza is generally not easy to find in Taipei.

All in all i'd say this is an adorable restaurant, with mediocre food. Just go for the cute cake and coffee, leave out the savory dishes.

Love, Lydia


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