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Why I love China: Sending Postcards to the future in Suzhou

Welcome to: momi café~ 
I forgot to take a shot of the front entrance, but this is what the second floor looks from outside.
I went there once and I loved it, to bad it's in Suzhou and not in Shanghai, otherwise I would have visited more often.

First of all, here's the menu:

Please click to enlarge it ^^

I decided to order a mango shake, which was around 30 Yuan.
Not too cheap, but it tasted great and like fresh mangoes, so that's okay.

Now onto what's special in this café:

They have huge~ amounts of super cute, creative postcards that you can buy for only 2 Yuan each! (that's just 0,24€)
And somehow, you can send them to your future self? There's a place at the counter where you can do that. Unfortunately, I'm not living in China so I didn't get to try it out, but it seems like a super cute idea.
And the postcards are great, you can spend a long time looking around and deciding which one's to get ^^ 

Even the stairways up to the second floor (where you can sit and enjoy your drink while writing) are filled with postcards.

You can also buy other things instead of postcards. Mugs, Notebooks, home decor...they have it all. The prices are very reasonable and the best part of it: All of the items were produced directly in Suzhou :D Super authentic, isn't it? Those things make great souvenirs ^^

Even if you don't plan to buy anything this place is still great. I didn't plan  to buy things either but oh well...a few postcards won't hurt, right?
Anyways, it's a super nice place to relax and I love the decorations.

The wall of the stairwas was decorated with cool Beijing opera photos.

Upstairs, you can not only sit and enjoy your drink, many people also directly write and decorate their poscards. The café has a box with pencils on every table for that purpose.

Some people got creative on the lamps instead of their postcards :D

You can buy those pictures on the wall too.

That's it so far, I hope you enjoyed seeing a small glimpse of this cute café ^^  


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