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Taobao Hauls: Combined Masterpost of 6 big hauls with Taobaoring~ (Part 1: Accessories and Shoes)

Hey everyone~

Finally I've gotten around to taking photos and uploading them ^^ 
Over the course of last year, I ordered quite a lot from Taobao so I thought it's time to review the items that I bought.
Hopefully, some of you find this post helpful :D
I'll split the haul up into three posts, two for clothing and one for everything else. So stay tuned for the next post featuring all dresses that I got from Taobao (^-^)v

Handmade Bee earrings

Price: 2,2 Yuan (0,26€)

They're so adorable oh my god!! :D
You can see that they're handmade as one of them has a finger print on it ^-^
They're good quality, and the shop I ordered them from has many more cute designs (like a shark that   "bites" your earlobe) and I'm definitely ordering more of those next time.

I also bought a bunch of jewelry from one shop, which is this one:
They offer the cheapest jewelry i have ever seen, and there's a great variety too :D

Flower rings

Price: 1 Yuan each ( 0,12€)

I love those, and I wear them very often. They're pretty big.

Music notes ring

Price: 0,96 Yuan (0,11€)

Mine is the silber one, it's also available in gold too.

Sparkling Stars ring

Price: 0,80 Yuan (0,10€)

As you can see, there are 3 stars on it. One of the sparkling parts fell off, unfortunately T^T
This ring is smaller than the others, it's the only one that fits onto my ringfinger.

Bear rings

(sold out)
Price: 1 Yuan, I guess (0,12€)

I ordered one of those before, but I lost it so I ordered them again. They're super cute, but they're not fully closed, they're open at one side which is why you gotta be careful not to lose them, if they fit you as loosely as me.

Leaves ring

Price: 1 Yuan (0,12€)

Camera ring

Price: 0,50 Yuan (0,06€)

As you should know by now, I really like taking photos, so having a ring with a camera on it is perfect for me ^-^
I got the black one, they are also available in pink and white.

Bat ring

(not available anymore)
Price: around 1 Yuan too

I love this one :D it's actually two rings combined, so that it fits nicely even with the big~ bat on it.

Claw rings

Price: 0,88Yuan (ca 0,10€)

I ordered one of them before but it broke, so I decided to order a few more to be safe this time :D
I ordered them in all available colours, gold, dark gold and bronze. Just a quick reminder, they're not that sturdy, be careful while handling them or they break in half.
Interestingly, the different colours came in different sizes.

The bronze one, which fits the best.

The dark gold one, which is a bit too big.

And the golden ones, which are way too big and quickly fall off.

Now, from a different shop:

Cracker Hairties

Price: 1,50 Yuan (0,18 €)

I ordered the fish one, the normal round one, and a doraemon one which I didn't manage to find for the photo. Those look pretty cool, like you're having crackers in your hair. The ties itself are a bit loose and big, I need to wrap them around my hair four times if I want a secure ponytail.

Shingeki no Kyojin Bracelet

Price: 12 Yuan (1,50€)

The bracelet is very sturdy, and not that comfortable to wear unfortunately. I don't like it that much..

Shingeki no Kyojin watch

Price: 25Yuan (3,12€)

I really, really like this watch. The fake leather is very soft and it fits perfectly.
Unfortunately, after a few weeks, the glass screen cracked, and I still have no idea how that happened. I still use it though, and the batteries that were already included last quite a while (6 months at least).

Shingeki no Kyojin necklace

Price: 12 Yuan (1,50€)

This necklace is pretty cool, and seems not to rust easily. 

Exo necklaces

Price: 8 Yuan (1€)

Price: 8 Yuan (1€)

It normally comes with the necklace itself, I just lost it somehow. Oops ^^'
Anyways, the necklaces are good for that price, they just seem to rust kind of quickly.

Exo rings

Price: 5,50 ( ca 0,60€)

Those rust quickly as well, but they were super cheap so I don't mind. The rings are adjustable, though even with the smallest size they still only fit onto my middle finger.

Exo jelly bracelets

Price: 1 Yuan (0,12€)

Price: 2,80 Yuan (ca 0,25€)

Exo headphones

Price: 30 Yuan ( ca  3,80€)

Those were good quality, the music quality was good too. However, they only lasted me about 2 months of everyday usage before one of the sides was not able to play music anymore. And since they're quite big, they'll add up to the shipping costs a lot, so keep that in mind.

Comme des Fuckdown Beanie

Price: 11 Yuan ( 1,30€)

The quality is alright, it itches a bit though.

Exo Cap

Price: 16 Yuan (2€)

It's a bit big for me but otherwise it's fine.

Samsung Glaxy S2 Whale Case

Price: 9,9 Yuan ( around 1,20€)
They have plenty of other designs too,

I ordered this because my old S2 Case was slowly falling apart. Unfortunately my cellphone broke before I received this case, so I never tried it out. I have the Galaxy S3 now, and can't wait to order cute cases for it ^^
The whale case is still cute and seems sturdy enough,

Light Blue sneakers with hidden wedges

Price: 69 Yuan ( 8,60€)

Those shoes are awesome. They're super cheap, and the quality is good too. The only thing that bothers me is that they're quite small for me, even though I ordered them in my size. You might want to go a size up if you order these too.

I love the detail on them, with the small skull on the zipper.
And alone the fact that they have a zipper on the side is great too, you only have to tie them properly once and then afterwards you can simply use the zipper.

And~ those shoes actually have wedge heels in them, can you see it?
When I ordered them I thought they were just normal sneakers, turns out they have a about 5cm high wedge heel inside them.

That's where the wedge part is.

White Wings Sneakers

Price: 58 Yuan ( 7,25€)

We all know on which brand this design was based on, right? :P
Anyways, those are great. They're study but yet comfortable enough for me to dance in them, and the wings look awesome.

the logo of the "brand"

For some reason though you can also tie them at the back

I have never seen this before, but I guess this allows you to fit them perfectly onto your feet.

In case you'd like to know, I used Taobaoring for this haul.
I already wrote a more detailed review of their service here

So that's it for today ^^ 
Did you like the items? Which ones would you like to buy? :D
If you ordered from Taobao before, tell me what you got, I'm curious.
Please tell me your opinion in the comments below, I love reading your comments ^-^


  1. Oh very great products
    I love it the shoes

    1. thanks ^^
      i really like most accessoiries as well :D you can never really go wrong with this kind of stuff i guess.

  2. super love that shoes....
    it's very cute.

    and camera ring is also cute (>.<).

    I rarely buy accessories online except for earring because I'm very skinny so usually if I buy ring or bracelet online it will be too big for me (T.T).

    1. yes i know what you mean. usually those things are too big for me too. But because things on taobao are so cheap, i'm willing to take the risk ^^

  3. I love all the accessories. So unique.
    I really want to buy from Taobao because it's so cheap,
    but, may I ask how long does it take to arrive at your place?
    And are you an EXO fans? :)

    By the way, I followed your GFC.
    I hope you don't mind follow back and let's keep in touch

    Have a good day,

    1. i live in germany, so it took about 3 to 4 weeks to arrive here. but that includes the ordering process as well (taobaoring checks the items first, then buys them etc)
      yes i'm an exo fan :D

      thanks, i followed you back ^^

      have a ncie day too :D

  4. The 'music note ring' is one of my favourite! It looks so cute :)

    1. it's one of my favourites as well, since it's such a simple, yet cute design :D

      i followed you btw ^^

  5. Replies
    1. you mean the bear rings, right? ^-^
      followed you on blogger and bloglovin btw :D

  6. oh my gosh, the bear and claw rings look so cute! now i really regret not ordering more items from taobao on my trip to china earlier this year TAT

    i see you're an exo fan too! who's your bias? (mine is sehun haha)

    btw, loving your blog~!

    1. you can still order even if you're not in china, the shipping is just more expensive ^^ i'll be ordering so much more when i get to taiwan next month too :D

      yes~ my bias is Tao :D (and jongin...tao's number 1 though)

      aww thank you~ ^-^


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