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Korean cosmetics haul (in Taipei)

Hey everyone~

When I came to Taipei, I didn't pack very much as I thought I could simply buy everything here.
Which was a bad idea, I might add. You can buy everything you need here, but it's quite expensive compared to Korea.

I bought most things from Etude House, since their shops are almost everywhere. They also added the most samples for me, which was nice.
Something else that was nice about their shops:
They still had many items of Etude House's Sweet Recipe collection!
I was really happy about that, because when I was in Korea in 2013, lots of those items were sold out already.

The first item I got was their Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color in RD301, Rasberry Mousse Cake. 

Then I also got one of their Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips talk lipsticks. So far, I really love it ^^

Finally, something I actually needed: cleansing tissues.

And a dry shampoo. Taipei is quite humid, so basically I gotta wash my hair every day for it to look okay-ish. This is for lazy days, or when I don't have any time to wash my hair. Or for those days during which I only have time to shower in the morning...and in the morning, except for one shower stall, the water is cold. 

Their silk scarf hair treatment~ My hair is pretty damaged so I needed something to help me with that. When I bought it, they added another one for free as there was a Buy 1 Get 1 event going on.

I also went to Skinfood because I needed a toner, and theirs are always great. However, they're super expensive here. I paid around 700NTD for this one (almost 20€) >< But I really needed a toner, my skin is pretty dry here.

I also went to Tony Moly to get their Cats Wink clear powder. Since the weather here is pretty humid, and it will only get even more humid in summer, only BB cream will not last very long.

I also bought two sheet masks at Innisfree because they were cheap.

So that's my small haul for today.
If you want any reviews of a specific item, please feel free to tell me! :D
Do you have any of those cosmetics yourself? If yes, how do you like them ? ^^

Love, Lydia


  1. Omg it's all so adorable! I'd love a review of the cupcake all over color, it looks really interesting :D

    Michelle天羽 ♥
    Blog | Instagram

    1. right? :D but sure, I'll try to do a review of that soon ^-^

  2. Hello! That Cat's Wink pact is sooo cute! Can you do a review of it? I'm planning to get this on my next haul :)

    1. ok, i'll try to do a review of it soon ^^

  3. Hello! That Cat's Wink pact is sooo cute! Can you do a review of it? I'm planning to get this on my next haul :)


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