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Taiwan Travel Diary #13: Hualian Day 3

 Hey everyone~ finally I'm getting around to writing about my last day in Hualian, which was already a month ago. I know, I'm slow.

So our first destination on that day was Yunshanshui, which consisted of a few very pretty lakes.

However, there wasn't much to do in this area, so we only walked around taking photos.
There was a single, small café in the area, which actually had Totoro pictures on its walls!

Of course, I had to take a photo with it.
My outfit that day was mostly dinosaur themed :D

Hualian Taiwan Totoro OOTD dinosaurs japanese fashion

Some more photos of the pretty area:

Yunshanshui Hualian

We ate lunch afterwards. My favourite was this salted fish, which was really delicious.
Although it had many bones, so we had to be careful while eating. 

Afterwards we watched a small performance by two Taiwanese women, who later on taught us how to make our own little toy owls.

Taiwanese people often believe that owls are protective animals, they especially protect pregnant women and people who lose their way.
Here's my owl:

While I think i did an alright job, and it looks cute from the front...
it turned out a bit derpy if you look at it from the side :D

Afterwards we went to another lake, but i completely forgot its name...oops.

The area seemed to be famous for its Papaya milk, so we first got something to drink.

This dog was shaved to look like a lion~

Then we rented one of those small boats to take around the lake.

 Ours wasn't a pretty swan or dragon though.

The lake was really beautiful, but since it was super warm and the sun was shining brightly, i didn't enjoy the boat ride as much as I could. 

Our last schedule in Hualian was the Jota food museum and factory.

There wasn't much of a museum to be seen. The biggest area was the factory, where you could try all of their different snacks and cakes (and buy them afterwards, of course).

It was the most interesting activity of the day for me, because we got to try all of those cakes, and snacks. We didn't have much time there, so all of us just powerwalked through there, trying to eat everything.

Through one glass window, one could actually see the people working on making the snacks.

As most of the snacks there were quite pricey, I only bough these two:
Sweet potato pies (200NTD/~6€..for 4 tiny pies ;-;)
Chocolate Mochi cakes (100NTD/~3€)

Both tasted really good though, it's great to be able to try such things before buying them!

So that's it for my last Hualian post ^-^
Which of these places looks the most interesting to you?
Tell me your thoughts in the comments below :D

Love, Lydia


  1. I want to visit Taiwan as soon as I can afford it, so I'm having fun reading all your posts. That Totoro wall picture is so awesome, I love things like that. And tasting all of those desserts sounds like heaven *_*


    1. aww thanks :D i hope my posts help you in some way to plan your travels ^^
      i also got a side blog at , where i post daily. if you got any questions, feel free to ask me there :D
      yea me too :D europe barely has any cute things like that, so i'm happy whenever i see something like that here :D

  2. I love Totoro, and the images are so great, I always wanted to see something. =) =D

    1. totoro is just the cutest, and taiwan is really totoro paradise :D


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